Monday, October 17, 2011

Newborn Photos

When Baby M was 10 days old, we had her newborn photos taken. 

It was not a pleasant experience, to say the least. 

First off, I dont think our photographer (who came highly recommended) had very much experience with newborns. She didnt have a lot of ideas for poses or props. Thank goodness for Pinterest; I came prepared. 

Secondly, she suggested taking the baby's diaper off for some naked shots about 15 minutes into the two hour shoot. So I took off M's diaper. While Im waiting for the photographer to arrange the props, M pees ALL over me. 


Thank goodness I was wearing black, right? 

Sure, and so she peed on me again. All within the space of five minutes. 

Cue the incredible fussiness, the inconsolable crying. She was seriously hating having her picture taken. 

So I decided to try and feed her, which usually calms her. I take her into the bathroom, sit on the toilet (because the photographer did not offer a more comfortable option, rude), and proceed to feed her. 


She poops.... 

Of course. 

So she's screaming and Im getting all teary eyed because we havent taken our family photos yet and for f*ck's sake, we'd only been there for maybe 30 minutes and it was already a cluster. Thank God my mom and J were with me to help clean us up and calm me down. I was ready to cancel the whole thing.

After lamenting that my shirt was ruined and we wouldnt be able to have our family photos taken, the photographer offered one of her black shirts. It wasnt perfect, but it worked. 

M was fussy for the entire rest of the shoot and most of the photos with her eyes closed are in between screams. 

I now know better for future children and future photo shoots. 

*Schedule the shoot in the morning or late afternoon, not at noon, when the baby is most likely going to be fussy.
*Save the diaperless shots for last, for goodness sakes.
*Bring extra clothes. For everyone. 
*Bring extra wipes. We ran out. 
*Wait until the baby is 3 weeks old. They may be "less flexible", but will probably be better behaved. (M was much calmer at three weeks than 10 days.)

Despite the shit storm that was this photo shoot, we still managed to get some absolutely adorable shots. Here are some of my favorites:

And my favorite:

Happy Monday!


Casey said...

She is so precious!! Sorry you had to deal with a not so good photographer...luckily the photos turned out beautifully! She looks like a very happy baby!

Hilary said...

Sorry the shoot was so drama filled, but the pictures came out beautiful, just like your beautiful girl!

therecoveringbrit said...

So cute! Glad you ate least find some humor in it all now, although I can't imagine how you were feeling on the day! Glad you have a heap of favorites! It'll make for a great story to haunt her with when she's older.

New Girl on Post said...

I think they turned out well despite all the mishaps. I know most of the newborn photography blogs I've read recommend the photographer (and it appears the parents as well) should bring several changes of clothing just in case the whole pee/poop issue happens. Also, many of the photographers say they like to schedule right around feeding time so that the baby can eat and then not get fussy about not eating for a little bit. You might keep that in mind for next time as well.

Whitney said...

That sounds like quite a photo shoot! In spite of all the trouble, the photos are wonderful! You have a very beautiful baby!

annoyed army wife said...

I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Did you have my wedding photographer at the photo shoot? Probably not because you got some really nice photos out of it. But thank you for sharing your drama - it was hilarious. ;)

Jen said...

how frustrating. I just booked someone local, her pictures look good, but I do worry about it.

If it makes you feel any better, I think they came out great! I love the scale photo as well.

Kate said...

I'm so sorry about all the drama! But at least you were able to get some gorgeous shots! Stupid me didn't bother to even call photographers until we were two days away from moving, so of course no one had any openings... No newborn shots for me... :-( Regardless, Baby M is adorable and the pics your posted were fabulous!

Bonnie said...

That's a shame the photographer didn't offer you somewhere a little more comfortable to feed the baby. The photos are very beautiful though and the last one is by far my favorite :)

Samantha said...

that sounds pretty rough! eeek. the last one reminds me of "Girls just wanna have fun" !! super cute.

Chantal said...

You ended up with some awesome photos!!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh, I love the one of you both holding her. She looks so peaceful :) Sounds like a terrible time. I didn't do newborn pics, but in a couple of months I'll be able to regale you with my own horror story of doing a photo shoot with a one-year old :)
Thanks for sharing...

chambanachik said...

What an adventure, to say the least! They are gorgeous photos, though!

ALW said...

I'm sorry the situation wasn't ideal. :( The photos turned out great though! She's such a cutie!!!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh man, that sounds tough! But it looks like it was worth all of the mess and despair--those photos are fantastic! You've got a super cutie on your hands :)

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worldcurioustraveler said...


Glad to get your update and see that you're enjoying life and all that it has to offer!


Maranda said...

I'm so sorry your experience was so horrible. The pictures are really cute though!