Wine that doesnt BLEND in

In the following sections, we will discuss WINE! The wines that we have tried, the wines that we love, the wines that we don't love; all will be detailed here. While there are many different varieties of wine in the world, our personal favorites are reds, so those will be our focus. We will give you our honest, unprofessional opinions in a "He says, She says" format, then present you with our combined opinion in the form of "Corks". We understand that everyone has an opinion and we respect the opinions of others. We also know that everyone's palates are different. Whether you agree, disagree, or are completely indifferent, we hope this offers you some insight into the wine world that we love so much. We hope you find what you are looking for and are adventurous enough to try something new! Enjoy!

Blends & wines that dont really fit in anywhere else:

1. Volteo Tempranillo + Cabernet, Spain, 2007
He says: Tangy and peppery, odd fruity flavors with a flat aftertaste
She says: Mild and smooth with a long tangy aftertaste
Corks: ! We wouldn't buy this one again!

2. Menage a Trois, California (Zin, Merlot, Cab)
She says: Strong plum berry flavor with a tart, sharp aftertaste
Corks: 4

3. Kunin, Pape Star, California, 2008
He says: Rich and flavorful with just the right amount of spiciness at the end
She says: Sharp, jammy berry flavor with a large amount of spice
Corks: 3.5

4. Tomaresca, Italy, 2008
He says: Full bodied and tangy with a sharp finish; not normally what I like, but I really like this
She says: Sharp and biting initially, transforming to a smooth full berry flavor
Corks: 3.5

5. Spann Backacher Red, California
He says: Smooth, thick, solid flavor with no surprises, slight burn
She says: Dark grapes, earthy, consistent, heavy
Corks: 3.5

6. Tilia Malbec-Syrah, Argentina
He says: Sharp & bitter, almost sour, not my style
She says: Sweet chocolate, thick, smooth, love it!
Corks: 1/3.5 We didnt agree at all!

7. Montes Cabernet-Carmenere, Chile
She says: Dark cherry, oakey but not in a bad way
Corks: 3

8. Terradora Aglianico, Italy
He says: Smooth & chocolate-y, big flavor with a flowery finish
She says: Light, smooth & fruity. Love it!
Corks: 4

9. Cotes du Rhone, France
She says: Bad. Just bad. Very, very, bad.
Corks: 0

10. Vizcarra Roble, Spain, 2008
He says: A bit tangy with robust flavors & medium spice; a little too tart by itself, better with food
Corks: 3.5

11. Volteo Tempranillo + Shiraz, Spain, 2007
He says: Overpoweringly sour with sharp berry flavors. Not great.
She says: Weird, strong alcohol finish with a bitter aftertaste, not very good
Corks: 1

12. Crew Club Co. Cabernet + Merlot, California, 2005
He says: Spicy & bold, slightly tart & fruity
She says: Spicy, smooth, bold, tart
Corks: 4

13. Oreana Tilly Blend Sangiovese + Cabernet, California, 2005
He says: Fruity, light, sweet, too much vanilla
She says: Black cherry, sweet, alcohol finish, definitely not for me
Corks: 1

14. Santa Barbara Winery ZCS, California, 2008
He says: Spicy & bold with nice flavor
She says: Spicy & smooth, I really like it!
Corks: 4

15. Ponte Meritage, California, 2006
He says: Full bodied & spicy, rich plum flavor
She says: Ripe berry flavor, full, smooth
Corks: 4

16. Ponte Nebbiolo, California, 2006
He says: Smooth & rich, would be better with food
She says: Soft, smooth, rich & velvety
Corks: 3

17. Wild Horse Peak, Meritage, California, 2004
He says: Complex berry with a great blend of spice & sweetness
She says: Smooth, rich, berry flavor, great!
Corks: 4

18. Eber, Sangiovese/Cab, Italy, 2008
He says: Mild, smooth, delicious with a slightly spice finish
She says: Smooth, full berry flavor, slightly sweet
Corks: 4.5

19. Dona Dominga, Cab/Carmenere, Chile, 2009
He says: Spicy with a smooth berry flavor, excellent!
She says: Spicy berry flavor, very easy to drink, light and delicious!
Corks: 4.5 (so good, and only paid 3 euro for it!)

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Try Community Coffee. The New Orleans Blend Coffee & Chicory and the Cafe Special are my two favorite!!!!