Crazy for Coffee

In this section we will review the coffee that we drink, from what we brew at home to what we buy commercially. We love coffee and drink it almost every morning. We are relatively new to the coffee drinking world, having become serious drinkers in the fall of 2008. Before that I would have the occasional chocolate carmel latte and J would enjoy a mocha frappacino, but it wasn't until October 2008 that we really began drinking coffee. Just coffee. With a lot of creamer, but coffee nonetheless. =)

Since we began drinking coffee, we've preferred the more exotic blends as opposed to your everyday Folgers or Maxwell House. Our favorites thus far are:

Puerto Rican- Cafe Hacienda San Pedro
Sumatra- Starbucks

We had been drinking a San Francisco blend called San Francisco Bay French Roast prior to leaving AR. My brother, who just moved from San Diego, introduced us to this last fall and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it did not make it in the move. When we received our stuff, the coffee was dry & brittle, so we are back to drinking Starbucks Sumatran.

I am heart broken to report that the commissary here does not have any creamers that I like. =( Ive been putting up with J's French Vanilla. I visited a German supermarket the other day for the first time and had I have thought of it, I would have looked at their selection. I will definitely have to go back and check it out. I've been told that our commissary does get the holiday flavors, so hopefully soon we'll have more than three flavors to choose from.