Catch a Cabernet

1. Fetzer Cabernet, California
He says: Mildly sweet blackberry with a rich, slightly spicy finish
She says: Smooth plum flavor with a mildly spicy finish
Corks: 3

2. Liberty School Cabernet, California
She says: Mildewy, damp cardboard, NOT good (Bare in mind that this btl may just have been bad)
Corks: 0

3. Norton Cabernet, Argentina
He says: Too fruity flavored for me. Just ok.
She says: Sour fruit flavor, yet bland. Was ok the first day, worse the second.
Corks: 2

4. The Show Cabernet, California
He says: Tangy cherry flavor with a smoky finish
She says: Sharp tang with a mildew smell
Corks: 2.5

5. Viu Manent Cabernet, Chile
He says: Bold, rich flavor with a bitterness throughout and a strong oak finish
She says: Rich flavor, smells bad with a mildewy, sour taste
Corks: 1

6. Coastal Ridge, California, 2005
He says: Fruity but flat with zero spice. Drinkable but boring.
She says: Berry & slightly bitter tasting, very mild & boring. Not flavorful enough for me.
Corks: 2

7. Kinderwood, California
He says: Light & fruity with good spice at the end. Simple & dependable.
She says: Light, smooth, easy to drink, but with a slightly harsh aftertaste
Corks: 2.5

8. Maddalena, California
He says: Strong, black cherry & vanilla with spice. Too strong of a cherry flavor.
She says: Sharp, too much cherry for me
Corks: 2

9. Oreana, California, 2006
He says: A bit too sweet, but with good spice and a fruity finish
She says: Smooth, light, a decent wine
Corks: 3

10. Babcock, California
He says: Strong flavors of plum & cherry with some spice. Too much flavor.
She says: Sweet, too much flavor, definitely not for me
Corks: 1.5

11. Wilson Winery Estate Cab, California, 2006
He says: Smooth with sharp vanilla flavors thoughout
She says: Strong & vanilla. Not good.
Corks: 1

12. South Coast Cab, California
She says: Smells like cheese, but it's actually delicious! =)
Corks: 4