Grenache, Tempranillo


1. Borsao, Spain
She says: Deep earthy smell, smooth vanilla, spicy ending, love this!
Corks: 4.5

2. Grenache de Fuego, Spain
He says: Berry with a splash of pepper. Delicious!
She says: Smooth, spicy, plum flavor without a strong finish. Very good!
Corks: 4.5

3. Attecca Grenacha, Spain, 2008
He says: Buttery, creamy, smooth with a slightly fiery finish
Corks: 4

4. South Coast Grenache, California
He says: Strong fruit flavors with medium spice
She says: Lite, berry flavors, yummy!
Corks: 3


1. Volver, Spain
He says: Sharp plum and instant spice that continues throughout. Delicious!
She says: Smooth, light, slightly sweet with an acidic finish
Corks: 4

2. Prolocolo, Spain
She says: Dark cherry flavor, almost sour with a sweet finish, notes of bitter chocolate
Corks: 2.5

3. Urban Uco, Spain
He says: Rich, bold, spicy with minimal aftertaste. Fantastic!
She says: Spicy, tangy, bold, great!
Corks: 4.5

4. Finca de la Vega, Spain, 2007
He says: Nice and spicy, smoky at the start with a slightly tart finish. Not my usual combo in terms of favorite tastes, but it works!
She says: Spicy and full flavored. Fantastic table/everyday wine, especially for the price.
Corks: 3.5

5. Lar de Barros, Spain, 2006
He says: Nice burn from start to finish, powerful fruit flavor
She says: Very spicy and fiery with a strong grape flavor, slight bitter notes throughout
Corks: 3