Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep moving...

Well, the Chocolate Creme Brulee just didnt work out. I thought I liked it enough to keep using it after the first couple of days, but I was wrong. Its simply too sweet. I love sweet things, but not too sweet, and in small doses. It didnt matter how much of it I used, it was still too sweet for me. So, moving on to... White Chocolate Mocha by International Delight. Today is my first taste and I like it. For now. We'll see how I feel after a few days of it. I also bought Skinny Carmel Macchiato and will be trying it after I make my decision about the White Chocolate Mocha. If anyone has a creamer preference, let me know! Im all for trying out new things. =)


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

In an instant

When you think about instant coffee, tasty, great, and delicious are not usually what first come to mind. Unless you've tasted NesCafe's Taster's Choice 100% Colombian Gourmet Instant Coffee. Surprisingly enough, its all of the above. I bought this for J when he was deployed overseas thinking it would be easy for him make in his room. Not only did he like it, he thought it was great! Since twenty come in one box, he had a few left over and I was able to try it. It's bold and flavorful. Definitely a great buy for under $5.

Now for the other side of instant coffee.... I also sent J Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, Italian Roast, Extra Bold. This was a letdown. We had high expectations for the Starbucks brand (because we are huge fans otherwise), but this coffee was merely ok, not great. I guess if we didnt have the NesCafe to compare it to, it might seem better. And at $10 for a box of 12, it's really not worth it.

Thus far this is our limited experience with instant coffee. We will be embarking on a five day road trip soon and are planning on taking instant coffee with us so we wont have to suffer hotel coffee. Any favorites to recommend?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Chip Creme Brulee

In my search for a new coffee creamer, I've started with International Delight Chocolate Chip Creme Brulee. When preparing my first cup of coffee with this new creamer, I added the same amount that I do with my pumpkin spice. Bad idea. This new creamer is definitely sweeter than my last, so that cup had to go down the drain. My second attempt was much more enjoyable. I really like this creamer, but it's a bit too sweet for me. It's true to its title though. It definitely tastes like chocolate chips. I'll stick it out with this one for awhile, but I probably won't buy it again. J tried it and actually liked it, but he still prefers his French Vanilla. The search continues....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pumpkin Spice, no more

My mornings are a little less grand these days. Why is that, you ask? I have finally run out of my treasured International Delight Pumpkin Spice creamer that I stocked up on at Christmas. It's a seasonal flavor that is only available during the holiday season. My friend DT introduced me to it when I started drinking coffee & Ive been hooked ever since. I LOVE this creamer. This year I bought 5-6 of the large bottles and used the last drop Friday morning. I still have a bottle of it in the powdered creamer, but its not at all the same. I know, I know, you're asking yourself how I can be this upset over coffee creamer. For me, its like the equivalent to chocolate and its only available for a few months out of the year. It just makes my morning coffee delicious instead of merely good. I havent tried many of the other creamer flavors available, though I do know that I dont like anything with vanilla in it. Js favorite flavor is the sugar free French Vanilla, and I am not a fan. Any suggestions for what I should use now?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello! Welcome to our blog! This is a blog for wine, coffee and travel lovers! All too often, wine websites cater to professional wine drinkers with professional palates. This blog will hopefully appeal to the majority of casual drinkers who, like ourselves, lack the complex palate of a sommelier but still enjoy any number of good wines. Same goes for travel sites. We grew tired of reading about professionals traveling professionally. When we are preparing to travel somewhere new, we want to read down to earth, real people reviews. We possess a passion for travel and wine and hope this blog will be both a resource and a source of enjoyment for those who share our passion!