Sunday, April 25, 2010

In an instant

When you think about instant coffee, tasty, great, and delicious are not usually what first come to mind. Unless you've tasted NesCafe's Taster's Choice 100% Colombian Gourmet Instant Coffee. Surprisingly enough, its all of the above. I bought this for J when he was deployed overseas thinking it would be easy for him make in his room. Not only did he like it, he thought it was great! Since twenty come in one box, he had a few left over and I was able to try it. It's bold and flavorful. Definitely a great buy for under $5.

Now for the other side of instant coffee.... I also sent J Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, Italian Roast, Extra Bold. This was a letdown. We had high expectations for the Starbucks brand (because we are huge fans otherwise), but this coffee was merely ok, not great. I guess if we didnt have the NesCafe to compare it to, it might seem better. And at $10 for a box of 12, it's really not worth it.

Thus far this is our limited experience with instant coffee. We will be embarking on a five day road trip soon and are planning on taking instant coffee with us so we wont have to suffer hotel coffee. Any favorites to recommend?

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Michael said...

I just returned from a Big Sur/Yosemite camping trip, never having tried instant coffee I bought Starbucks Via medium roast. I prefer dark roast but Costco only had medium. It wasn't bad. Certainly not my regular, but in a pinch it worked nicely. I splashed it with french vanilla creamer, so maybe muddy water would have tasted just as good! But sipping my morning joe while watching the sun burn the mist away from the Big Sur coast was very nice. Quick, easy & not bad at all.