1. Red Bicyclette, 2007, France
She says: Smells like a campfire, tastes jammy, almost sour
Corks: 2

2. Costal Ridge, California, 2007
He says: Smooth & fruity with just a little spice, good, not great, but very drinkable
She says: Sweet & fruity with a string alcohol finish, heavy berry flavor. I like it!
Corks: 3.5

3. Foxbrook, California, 2007
He says: Overly sweet, has a hint of licorice with a cheap alcohol aftertaste
She says: Sweet body, spicy plum, alcohol taste from start to finish
Corks: 0 We poured this bottle out.

4. Mirassou, California
He says: Chocolate, plum, light spice & a sour finish
She says: Light & acidic, not very smooth with a biting finish
Corks: 2.5 We wouldnt buy this again

5. Sagelands, Washington State
He says: Complex fruity flavor with a good mix of smoothness & spice
She says: Slight alcohol smell, berry flavor, mildly bitter aftertaste
Corks: 3.5

6. Chateau St. Michelle, Washington State
He says: Light & a little spicy, smooth & easy to drink
She says: Rich, full bodied, no spice, heavy on tannins
Corks: 3.5

7. Fetzer, California, 2007
He says: Light with a smooth, spicy finish. Dependable, affordable Merlot
She says: Smooth, plum, slightly bitter ending, very little spice. Dependable table wine.
Corks: 3.5

8. Little Black Dress, California, 2008
He says: Light, fruity beginning, fiery ending
She says: Light berry, mildly spicy ending
Corks: 3.5

9. Covey Run, Washington State, 2005
He says: Cheap alcohol taste, barely drinkable
She says: Cheap alcohol taste, undrinkable
Corks: 0.5 We poured this bottle out

10. Cellar #8, California
He says: Bold cherry, but with a weird, distracting, tangy taste
She says: Smooth, berry & plum, with a tangy, slightly bitter finish
Corks: 2.5

11. Aqua Pumpkin, California
She says: Sharp, acidic, alcohol taste with a bitter finish
Corks: 2

12. Westerly, California, 2006
He says: Spicy & bold with smooth berry flavors. Love it!
She says: Spicy with an alcohol taste. Some berry, but too harsh for me.
Corks: 3

13. Wilson Winery Merlot, California, 2006
He says: Oakey flavor with a smokey finish. Should be drank with food, not alone.
She says: Smokey, very bad finish with almost a bubblegum finish. Ick.
Corks: 0

14. Wild Coast, California, 2003
He says: Strong flavors, very harsh
She says: Strong flavors with an alcohol aftertaste
Corks: 2

15. Chateau Les Berneries, Bergerac Merlot, France, 2008
He says: Very light in body and flavor, a bit sour, but easy to drink
She says: Tart berry, light, the 1st French wine that Ive ever found drinkable
Corks: 2.5

16. Tommasi Viticoltori, Merlot, Italy, 2008
She says: Very grape-y smell, slightly bitter, but good and easy to drink
Corks: 3

17. Cahors Domaine de Charron, France, 2007
He says: Tart, not much going on with this one
She says: Difficult to describe how bad it is. Undrinkable.
Corks: 1