Chianti is key

1. Bella Sera, Italy
He says: Smooth & spicy with a sharp fruity aftertaste
She says: Very strong berry flavor, very spicy, sharp & smooth
Corks: 4

2. Gabbiano, Italy
He says: Light plum with a mildly spicy grape finish
She says: Smooth & mellow with a mildly spicy finish
Corks: 4.5 This is one of our "go to" wines!

3. Ruffino, Italy
He says: Smooth & mild without any spice
Corks: 3

4. Da Vinci, Italy
He says: Spicy cherry, smooth with a sharp bite of flavors at the end
She says: Smooth cherry, slightly bitter with some spice. Not as good as I remember.
Corks: 4

5. Fontella, Italy, 2008
He says: Too fruity, potent with a fiery ending, bold
She says: Alcohol smell, sour and tart. Undrinkable.
Corks": 1

6. Luigi Righetti, Valpolicella Classico, Italy, 2008
He says: Drinkable, but not very great
She says: Light and easy to drink, but not my favorite taste
Corks: 2.5

7. Villa Rillago, 2008
He says: Tastes a bit cheap, but is very drinkable
She says: Light and almost bitter, fiery finish, not full bodied or flavorful enough
Corks: 2