Malbecs, Carmeneres


1. Colores del Sol, Argentina
She says: Smooth, mildly sweet without acid or spice
Corks: 3

2. High Note, Argentina
He says: Sharp & tart, strong fruit & a spicy finish
She says: Fruity & sour, slightly spicy finish
Corks: 4

3. Trapiche, Argentia, 2008
He says: Light & fruity plum, smooth & solid but not as spicy as I like
She says: Smooth, very plum/grapey yet sharp; not my favorite, but very drinkable
Corks: 3.5

4. Las Perdices, Argentina, 2007
She says: Smooth, full bodied, with a spicy finish
Corks: 3.5

5. Gascon, Argentina, 2008
She says: Full, smooth, not spicy, but easy to drink
Corks: 4

6. Montes, Chile, 2008
He says: A little tart, but with nice spice & a smooth finish
She says: Sour initially, smoothing out to a full berry flavor
Corks: 3