ZINfully wonderful

Zinfandels are Jason's favorite!

1. Earthquake Zinfandel, California
He says: Rich and bold with a spicy plum flavor throughout
She says: Cool beginning, full and rich, spicy finish, slightly earthy
Corks: 4

2. Montevinna Terra d'Oro Zinfandel, California
He says: Smooth and peppery, rich and bold
She says: Light with a spicy finish
Corks: 3.5

3. Peachy Canyon Zinfandel
He says: Strong bold flavors with a spicy finish. Great!
She says: Bold, bright and tangy flavors, not my favorite
Corks: 3.5

4. Mo Zin
He says: Smooth with light spice and a blackberry finish
Corks: 3

5. Cline, California, 2008
He says: Spicy & tasty, smells great! Deep berry flavor. No aftertaste. I could drink this all day long.
She says: Strong, spicy red grape smell, smooth, clean, spicy, very easy to drink
Corks: 4

6. Renwood, California, 2005
He says: Spicy & bold with smooth fruit flavors
She says: Spicy, fiery, full of flavor with a slightly alcohol finish
Corks: 4

7. Coastal Winery, Four Vines, California
He says: Smooth, deep flavors with chocolate & oak, weird tangy finish
She says: Fruity and sweet without spice
Corks: 1.5

8. Kunin Zin, Paso Robles, California, 2007
He says: Spicy but too much vanilla flavor for me
She says: Spicy, goes straight to your palate, athletic shoe smell
Corks: 2

9.Ponte Zin, California, 2006
He says: Spicy, bold & fruity. Burns from start to finish.
She says: Spicy, too much alcohol flavor. Not bold or full enough for me.
Corks: 3.5/1.5 We werent even close to agreeing on this one, so I included both ratings.

10. Wilson Winery Estate Zin, California, 2006
He says: Spicy cherry flavor with a strange aftertaste
She says: Spicy & peppery, but not in a good way
Corks: 1.5

11. South Coast Old Vine, California, 2005
He says: Didnt like at all. Not even a little.
She says: Rich, full, carmel flavored, like candy on the tongue
Corks: 0/3.5 Again, we didnt come close to agreeing, so here's both ratings.