Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update to Professional Problems

Thank you all so much for your outrage on my behalf and your supportive words. This is a ridiculous situation that still has me in disbelief.

I emailed the credentialing center and explained my situation, that I was a military spouse living overseas without an opportunity to work, etc. It took a couple of weeks for them to reply, and when it came, it consisted of only four sentences which went a little something like this:

You must meet the 1,000 hour practice requirement within the given time frame.
There are no clauses, extensions or exceptions.
You must submit your application 1 year before it expires.
You can get the hours by working or volunteering.

That's it.
They might as well have said F-you, you're screwed lady.

Living overseas, the only TV we have is AFN. I cant tell you how many commercials Ive seen that say how the government and businesses are doing anything and everything they can for military members and their spouses to keep them gainfully employed. Seeing those is like rubbing salt in an open wound. My next step is to call the credentialling center and actually speak to someone about this. Preferably not the lady who emailed me.

I went ahead and reapplied for practicing privileges at the hospital here and was accepted, so I can legally work or volunteer. Now I just need a nanny to keep M 7-8 hours a day 2-3 days a week. Oh, and she needs to be weaned from breast feeding. And because of our crazy schedule, I wouldnt be able to start until July.....  This is getting complicated.

So that's where we stand as of now. Im going to make the phone call soon and plead my case. Hopefully Ill get someone with a sympathetic ear who can help me.


Jen said...

Oh gosh, girl! Not cool. I hear you about wanting to help spouses, my options here are very limited. I wish I was closer, I would gladly take care of Miss M for a few days a week :)

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Good luck sweetie. I know how much the job situation here sucks. T is not deploying this summer so I'll be staying in Germany. If you need someone to watch M during the day, I will gladly help you out.

Chantal said...

Oh that does sound complicated. I hope it works out!!

Jenn said...

UGH that email response just makes you wanna STRANGLE somebody, doesn't it?! I hope that you do get someone who possesses a heart when you call. Praying for good results!!

Natalia said...

Wow, talk about not moving an inch. I would definitely call, and then write a letter to my congress person and Michelle Obama! I'm glad you have a place to work, even if it's not an ideal situation. Hopefully it works out OK!

Jessica Lynn said...

This makes me INCREDIBLY mad, so I can only imagine how furious you are. I will absolutely write an email or a blog post or whatever I need to do to help you out. Like Natalia said above, I just saw (on AFN) Michelle Obama talking about how much she's trying to do for the military. She (or her people) to hear about this. If it's happening to you can you imagine how many others it's happening to as well? I'm totally serious. If you write a letter/email to anyone, let us know so we can do the same.

Mrs. K said...

Do we need to get Justice for Kendra trending on Twitter, Blogs, and such? I'll do it!! :)

Casey said...

Complete bull crap. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! If I lived just a hour closer, I'd be happy to watch baby girl for you! Praying these people come to their senses!

Anonymous said...

Just absolutely unreal :( I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I know we talked about this in passing, but if you don't think I'm a super psycho once we meet and we end up living not too far apart, I'd love to nanny for you. I really hope this situation works out.