Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shout Out

I just wanted to give a shout out to Shabby Apple, the sponsor of my last giveaway. They truly are a great company!

I received a very sad email from the winner, Casey pertaining to her prize. The package for the necklace arrived...without the necklace. The package was a flimsy envelope and was open when delivered. So either the necklace fell out, or, more likely, someone took it from the envelope. I really dislike that things like this happen. Makes my heart sad.

Anyway, I was upset for her and unsure what exactly happens in situations like this, so I emailed my contact from Shabby Apple and explained what had happened. I was hoping they had taken out insurance before mailing the necklace. When I received the reply, it was even better than them having insurance. They stated that they would replace the necklace at no charge. Woohoo!

The replacement was mailed right away and Casey received it last week. Im so thankful for the wonderful customer service provided by Shabby Apple and their quick resolution to this situation.

Casey, we want to see a picture of you wearing this gorgeous necklace! =)

*I wasnt compensated in any way for this post. It's just my honest opinion and appreciation. 


Chantal said...

How horrible! But I'm glad it got replaced!!

Nicky said...

Aw, how wonderful that they're going to replace it! A sweet end to a sad story.

Casey said...

I'm so impressed with Shabby Apple, too!! I can't wait to wear that ADORABLE necklace! No worries, you'll see a picture with my SA-WEET prize soon! :) Thanks again, girl! :)