Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany is a short, easy hour's drive from our new home. It's a gorgeous town with a young, vibrant feel. When we arrived, all we knew was that we wanted to see the castle. At the bus stop in the center of town, a nice lady told us which bus would take us to the castle. We waited 20 minutes for the bus, hopped on, and away we went! After 20 minutes and no castle in site, I had J ask the driver if we were headed for the castle. Of course we werent. Turns out, you dont even need to take a bus to get to the castle. We could have just walked.

I think J & I must be lucky because most of our adventures turn out really well. What seems like a wrong turn or a bad idea actually turns out to be a newly discovered town or attraction or a really fun detour. Thankfully, this time was no exception. The driver indicated to us that we should get off at the very top of the mountain. At the top was a restaurant overlooking the entire town. It was gorgeous! We decided to stay for lunch and a beer and take it all in. Afterwards, we took the tram down to the castle.

This castle is huge! We took our time exploring the expansive grounds. Afterwards, we walked down to into the center of the town. Heidelberg offers a variety of stores, especially for the American shopper. J & I browsed, but I cant wait to take a girl's trip back so I can get some real shopping in! One of the things that I was most excited about was the fact that they have a STARBUCKS! They also have gummy bear stores, locally made wine stores, and chocolate shops.

We had a great time in Heidelberg and I cant wait to go back!

On a side note:

We received our household goods yesterday which means I will be unpacking for weeks. I promise Ill take a break to blog! =)

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