Friday, October 1, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in & Giveaway Winner!

Happy October 1st Everyone! To celebrate, here's another round of MilSpouse Friday Fill-in.

  1. What is the silliest get-up you have ever worn outside of a Halloween party? (from To The Nth) Hmm...probably anything from the 8th grade. That was my weird, hippee stage. I wore flannel, peace signs and flower necklaces, shimmery white lipstick, and shiny red sketcher boots. Hot, right? Oh Lord, or maybe something from early high school when I embraced my country roots and wore Wranglers and Ropers. Ugh... I guess I played around with style a lot when I was younger until I found what worked best for me. Thankfully the flannel, tight jeans and cowboy boots are long gone, but I still have my shiny red Sketchers!
  2. What is something that you gave up in order to live the military lifestyle? (from Pennies from Heaven) Mainly the ability to plan something in advance with certainty. Now that we've moved to Europe, it's looking like my career is going to have to sit on the back burner for awhile. I've been searching for a job, even a volunteering position, but there aren't any APN positions open and apparently I'm overqualified to volunteer.
  3. If money wasn't a factor and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? (from Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl) Fiji, Tahiti, Australia- all because they are far away places that I want to see. Id would also be nice to fly back home for free with my pup, instead of $900.
  4. If you were going to join the military, what branch would you join? Or which MOS/rating would you choose? (from Anonymous) Ha! I respect everyone in the military and am so proud of my husband, but I would NEVER join the military. I am just not cut out for it and I am honest enough to admit that.
  5. What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? (from Armendinger Party of 4) I honestly dont have just one favorite meal. I love to cook and right now, we are in a "try something new every night" stage. I've found 100s of new recipes that I am trying out. So far, most have been a success. Unfortunately, last night's Spicy Orange Beef was not.

The winner of the Christmas in September giveaway is...................

#17-Maranda!!! Yay, congrats! Email your address to

I was so excited about this giveaway and there were 30 entries altogether! (Im not sure why the max # doesnt stay when I copy and paste the picture below.) I plan on having a few more themed giveaways in the next few months. I'm thinking a pumpkin themed giveaway is in order. =)

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Michelle said...

I had the same "offer qualified" issues and that is frustrating when you just want to work. Good luck on the job hunting.

Anonymous said...

Ok, your hippy stage in middle school is hilarious. I had one of those two where I wore tie dyed stuff all the time and big bell bottoms. And yes, I'm definitely not cut out for military life either. We joke that a much as the hunny is, I'm totally not.

Natalia said...

Yep, I remember the hippie clothes in Junior High, I raided my parents closet for clothes. I wore my mom's amazing bell-bottom overalls with tie dye shirts and my dad's corduroy OP shorts. Good thing digital cameras and Facebook were not around then!

annoyed army wife said...

I've got a couple of resumes. On one of them I don't list my advanced degree and I 'dumb down' some of my positions and descriptions of duties. Sad, but true.

hmb said...

Isn't it awful when you make something new, spend time on it...and it's terrible!!! Ughhhh my marble cupcakes lol!!

Maranda said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited that I won! xoxoxoxo