Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interesting European Signs: Take II

I've got a few more interesting signs for you that we spotted on a couple
of our recent trips. We may have a juvenile sense of humor for thinking this, 
but we find these funny, 
so much so, that we are always on the lookout for more. 
Stay tuned, because this being Europe, I know we'll find more.

Im pretty sure this is a bookstore. Did they really need the last three letters to be that?
J found this hilarious. 

This was discovered on our walk back to our hotel in Prague.
It's a whole supermarket of erotica! They had photo advertisements on the outside of the store
of women perusing the aisles of toys and lube, choosing the perfect vibrator.
Too freaking funny.

Another of J's contributions from Prague.
We wondered just what goes on in Studio Blow.
Of course it's a hair salon, but are there any "extra" treatments...?

This one's a bit hard to read, but it says Fresh Crocodile Sandwiches.
Ick, but at least they're fresh.

I found this one interesting. It was on a little back street in Prague.
It wasnt open or we would have definitely gone in to see what all you can
find in a Czech witchcraft store.

Happy Wednesday! 


Belly B said...

Hahahha I love your sense of humour. I found these hilarious too :)

<3 Belly B

ALW said...

So funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I was in Europe but I took a picture of an ice cream truck that boldly proclaimed: "Often licked, never beaten!"
Needless to say, I enjoyed this post. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, funny signs are one of the greatest parts of traveling (or living, in your case!) abroad! These are some great ones, haha!

NHGirl said...

When Hubby and I were in Barcelona, we found a gold plaque of Africa on the side of a building. When we got closer, it said "Give a foc . org". We also found one outside a small park which had signs for no pets and no... soccer. Huh. Didn't think football was considered such a park-destroying sport! :)

Hubby has some very interesting ones from his visits in Japan, too!

MooAtU2 said...

My husband and I find the same things funny, too! I have a few pics of our European adventures that are similar, like license plates that spell out cu** or bi*** and a carnival ride called Octo-pu***. Glad to know we're not the only ones with 13 year old boy humor, haha.

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

Haha, I love what you find in Europe. I found some strange ones when I visited Japan.

Jen said...

what a boy! hee hee

Maranda said...

LOL! Yes...I'm sure the "happy ending" is a real service at that "hair salon." Thanks for sharing! ;-)