Monday, September 5, 2011

Too Hot to Handle!

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 So we all know what these little darlings are, yes? 

A few weeks ago I found a recipe on Pinterest for bacon, jalapeno and cream cheese poppers.
I made them for a party and they were a huge hit. 
So when our squadron's August social rolled around, I thought these would be perfect
to bring. Everyone always brings a dessert, so I really wanted to make an app. 

When I made these the first time, I used sliced jalapenos from a jar since that was all that
I had on hand. When I attempted to make them the second time, I bought fresh jalapenos
since that's what the recipe called for and they looked so good. 

I began by cutting up the jalapenos- ten of them- and then frying the bacon. As I was frying 
the bacon, a couple of the fingers on my left hand began to tingle. 
I thought it was weird, but maybe the grease was just popping up on me? 
After cooking the bacon, I started hand washing the dishes.
That's when my left hand began to burn.

And that's when I realized that it wasnt the bacon grease.
It was the jalapenos!

Ive been cooking with jalapenos for years people, and have never worn gloves while
handling them. While I realize that peppers can cause chemical burns on skin, it never even
occurred to me that they might burn me.
Because they never have.
Until now.

I have never felt a fire burning pain like that before. It felt as if I was constantly
holding my hand over an open flame or a hot stovetop.
My entire left hand, centered in the palm and
bases of my fingers, was covered in a horrible chemical burn from these jalapenos.
Im thinking that either my skin is super sensitive due to pregnancy,
or those were just some ridiculously hot peppers.

When the burning intensified shortly after I realized what was going on, I immediately
ran to my favorite medical source:

I could have easily looked in my own medical books, but my hand felt like it was ON FIRE
and thinking rationally wasnt high on my list.

Thankfully I found a website with extensive information and advice on the occurrence
of chemical burns from jalapenos with tons of first hand recommendations.

For the next FIVE hours, I tried every home remedy listed.
Multiple times.
I even called my OB doctor, my parents and my best friends asking for advice.

Let me tell you what didnt work:

Egg whites
Soap and water
Lemon juice
Baking soda and water
Baking soda and milk
Sugar scrub

Finally, after five hours of failed attempts, I found something that did work.

Palmolive and Germ-X.

I soaked my dry hand in Palmolive for several minutes, washed it off and dried it, used the Germ-X,
let it dry and then did the whole thing over again.

The pain instantly decreased and slowly faded away after a couple of hours.
My hand was sore for the rest of the night and for the next two days,
it peeled. It was an awful sight to see my entire palm and the skin on all of my
fingers peeling off, but at least it wasnt burning.

So, moral of the story?

Wear gloves when cooking with jalapenos.

Just do it.
The searing, burning pain just isnt worth chancing it.

Happy Labor Day! 


Becca said...

Um...Yum + Ouch + Ew.

Do you think you had some kind of extra sensitivity to them? Very interesting :)

ACUs and ABCs said...

ouch! The one and only time I cooked with fresh jalapenos, I didn't realize they stayed on your hands even after washing them. When I went to take out my contacts that night......ouch!! My eyes burned soooo bad! The next morning the residue was still on my contacts. I had to get completely new contacts. Of course, I tried to put in the old contacts before I figured out they still had the residue on them. I don't think my eyes have ever hurt or watered so bad!

Chantal said...

Yikes! I've only worked with jalapenos a few times and I cover my hands with little baggies, since I don't have any gloves. Maybe it could be another one of those weird pregnancy things making you react bad?

Monica said...

You poor thing! I'm surprised it didn't put you into labor! Glad you found a remedy, but it stinks that it took so long to find it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds terrible! Glad you eventually found something to help soothe the burn. They do look delicious though!

Maranda said...

Oh no! That's awful! I got the worst sunburn I've ever gotten when we moved here and I think it's because of pregnancy skin. It was crazy! I'm glad you finally found something that worked. And I pinned those too! I am making them next weekend for a UFC watch party!