Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birth Month Celebration

If you've been reading my blog for at least a year, you know that September is my most favorite month of the year. Why? It's my birth month, NFL football begins, wine and beer festivals begin here in Germany, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (!) come back and it's the beginning of Fall, my favorite season, just to name a few reasons. This year it also means the birth of our first child, a very monumental event indeed.

To celebrate Ive got an awesome giveaway for you! 

About a month ago I entered a giveaway on another blog to win something from a super cute Etsy shop called TurtlesRUS. Unfortunately I didnt win the giveaway, but that didnt stop me from ordering something from her shop. 

Im going to veer off here to a story, but I promise, it's related!

While I was home in the States in June, my mom and I decided to go to our local fabric store to look for a fabric I liked to make Baby M's nursery bedding. I had looked everywhere online and could not find anything that I liked, not to mention, the prices were more than what I wanted to spend. While we were at the fabric store, I found it! The. One. I had finally found a fabric that I loved. It had a white background, was very colorful (not just pink or purple) and had small butterflies and ladybugs of all different colors. It was exactly what Id been looking for. We immediately started choosing coordinating fabrics with which to make the curtains, pillows and bed skirt. I couldnt believe we'd struck gold on our first outing. I kept thinking, "Yes! This is perfect!" 

And then it wasnt. 

The catch? (Because there's always a catch right?) They only had a small piece of the fabric. In their entire warehouse of a store. Seriously. It was only enough to make a very small curtain. I was beyond bummed! My hopes had gotten so high, only to come crashing right down. Im sure some of you are thinking how melodramatic this sounds. Im mean, come on, it's just fabric right? Well, yes, but after searching for months, this was the only fabric that I even remotely liked, so it meant more to me than just a piece of fabric.

We went ahead and bought the small scrap to see if perhaps we could find it online and put all of the other coordinating fabrics back. My mom suggested that we head up to my aunt's to see if she had seen the fabric before or knew where we could get it, since she makes baby quilts. When we arrived at my aunt's and I showed her the fabric she was shocked. She immediately went out to her car and brought in a baby blanket made out of the exact same fabric!!! She had found the fabric at the same store two weeks prior! She bought it and made me a quilt out of it. I was ecstatic! We couldnt believe that out of the literally thousands of fabrics at that store, we'd chosen the very same one. It was definitely meant to be. Mom and I went back the next day and bought all of the coordinating fabrics, ribbons and accessories which she used to make the bed skirt, closet cover, curtain and pillows.

Fast forward back to the TurtlesRUs giveaway (I bet you thought Id never get back to my original story, huh?). When I was entering the giveaway, I went to the Etsy shop and looked around to see what I would chose if I won. Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I saw 2 dozen cloth wipes in the exact same pattern as my baby quilt and curtain! I couldnt wait to see if I won the contest or not, so I went ahead and ordered them.

Baby M's Nursery bedding! 

These cloth wipes are adorable, soft, eco-friendly and so, so affordable. The pattern matches my fabric perfectly. I cant wait to use them on Baby M! I received them so quickly too, especially for an APO address.

The matching cloth wipes!! 

When I wrote to Kayla at TurtlesRUs and told her how happy I was with the product, she graciously offered up one dozen cloth wipes to you, my readers! Even if you arent a mom or mom-to-be, these would make a great gift!

To Enter: 

"Like" TurtlesRUS on Facebook
"Like" TutlesRUs on Etsy OR your favorite item in her shop

Once you've completed those two you can earn extra entries by:

Following this blog (one entry)
Tweeting about the giveaway (one entry)
Blogging about the giveaway (one entry)

That's four chances to win! 
Just leave me a comment for each entry please. 
Super simple right?

Dont forget to leave me your email address in at least one of the comments.
This giveaway will close September 10th.
I will email the winner asap, depending on when Baby M decides to make her debut.

Good luck! 

Super cute wipes from TurtlesRUS! 

I love this fabric! 


therecoveringbrit said...

Those fabric patterns are just the cutest! You manage to find such beautiful things! September is my favorite month too (Happy Birth Month!) - I also love the fall, and the pumpkin spice lattes it brings with it :)

Monica said...

It only took me 10 mins to figure out how to "favorite" a shop on Etsy.... Geesh! But I liked her on FB abd Etsy.

Monica said...

And I already follow you. Thanks for doing a giveaway! SUPER cute fabric too! I'd love to see a picture of your nursery!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday month, twice over!! :) many wonderful things about this month! Super cute material! Cloth wipes are really nice to have. Just have a lot of them :)

Whitney said...

September is my birth month, as well. I feel blessed to have been born in the best month of the year! I love everything about fall!

Happy Birth-Month to you!

Chantal said...

This looks like the PERFECT giveaway for me! I liked the FB page and browsed through the Etsy site - wow, there's some awesome stuff! It would take me awhile to choose. There's some cute ones with flowers, though, that I'm loving. :)

Chantal said...

I follow your blog!

Cat said...

I love her Etsy page. Liked the shop on FB too. Great giveaway!

Cat said...

I follow your blog :) Happy birth month!

Cat said...

I tweeted about this giveaway. Here's the link.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday! Pumpkin coffee is the best... we stock up on beans every fall so we have plenty during the other months...

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Oh my gosh, the fabric is adorable! What an exciting month you're going to have!!! Any chance the baby will be born on your birthday?

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I'm a new follower from the weekly round-up. Such a cute blog! What great adventures and the best is on its way soon! Congratulations! said...

What a coincidence with the fabric! Neat. Thanks for linking up in the roundup :)