Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 38

We're only 2 weeks away from that elusive due date. Im sincerely hoping this precious little girl makes her debut soon, or at least before the due date. Last week I finally reached that "point" that all mothers talk about- the one where you are just plain miserable and so ready to be done with pregnancy. We are just so anxious and excited to meet our little one!

***Be sure to check in tomorrow. It's the beginning of my favorite month, my birth month (and Baby M's too!) and I have a great giveaway planned!***

How Far Along:  38 weeks!

Size of baby:  Anywhere between 6-6.5 lbs, supposedly the length of a leek. 

Total Weight Gained:  22 lbs. I had gained three lbs in two weeks at my 36 week appt, but I didnt gain any over these last two weeks. I have read that the weight gain usually slows or stops in the last few weeks. I also cut back on my sweets consumption dramatically. I was eating more desserts than real food! My appetite has also decreased over the last week or so. 

Still no stretch marks and my belly button remains an innie. Woohoo! 

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, definitely, though my favorite shirts arent maternity at all. They are the small, long tanks from Target. So stretchy and soft and really inexpensive. 

Gender: It's a GIRL! A very spoiled and blessed little girl. 

Movement: Tons! She is crazy active all morning, some during the day, all evening and throughout the night. She's in the head down position and prepping for her debut! 

Sleep: I wake up 2-4 times a night to pee and then usually wake up for good around 7am. I have actually been sleeping really well for the past few weeks. 

What I miss: Being able to move around easily, being able to breathe without difficulty, fitting into my normal clothes, drinking an entire glass of wine. It's all worth it of course, but I am SO ready for her to be born! I cant wait to hold her in my arms!  

Cravings: Still with the cereal and fruit. Peanut butter and jelly on either bread or rice cakes. Nothing too crazy. Ive laid off the sweets in the past two weeks. 

Aversions: None, thankfully! 

Symptoms:  Horrid sciatic pain down my left butt cheek, left inner thigh and left leg. Braxton Hicks, and some other less lovely things that I wont talk about on here. (You're welcome!) 
The heartburn is WAY better. Only once a week or so now, for the past 3 weeks or so.  

Best Moment this week: 38 week doctor's appt. Spa day with the girls with an extended foot massage and pedicure. Heavenly. J taking me for gelato. Twice! 

Happy Wednesday!


Monica said...

You're so close! How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your birth story! And I'm SO jealous you don't have any stretch marks! Yay for you! I think I have enough for both of us, and a few more people. =)

Chantal said...

Oh I'm so excited for you!! Watching you get so close is making me anxious for my time too! Only 15 more weeks for me ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 38 weeks gone! Congrats! She'll be here before you know it.....I can only imagine you're ready to be done with the carrying around though! :)