Friday, August 26, 2011

French Pottery

A few weeks ago I went on my first French Pottery Shopping adventure. 
There is a very small village in France called Soufflenheim.
It is only an hour and a half away from us, making it an easy day trip.
I was so excited about the pottery that I didnt take but one picture! =/ 
But I can tell you that this is a super cute, French town with pottery stores 
lining the streets. There is a creperie in the middle of town, which is where 
we had lunch. I had a savory crepe for lunch and a delicious chocolate banana 
crepe for dessert. 
The French style pottery is very appealing to me because most of the patterns are 
bold and colorful. They had so many beautiful things and I wanted to buy so much 
more than I did. I limited myself to three pieces plus a Christmas ornament and two 
gifts. A group of my friends are planning another trip later this month and if Im 
still feeling well, Im planning on going with them! 
There were a couple of things that I really wanted, but talked myself out of. 
I rarely buy things for the house. I love new decor, but Im not really a fan of 
buying decorations for the house, nor do I consider myself very good at picking 
out coordinating pieces. So, I dont feel bad buying this pottery since I rarely shop, 
especially now that we've moved to Europe. 
This pottery will also be a great souvenir, a reminder of our time here in Europe. 
One of the beautiful and typical French buildings
A pitcher
Coffee mug- I love the poppies! 
The inside of the coffee mug. Love the detail!

Medium sized bowl that matches the pitcher. I LOVE this pattern and how
colorful it is! 
A closer look
Side view

I dont have any photos of the ornaments because they are gifts and I dont want
to give away the surprise since the person/people who will receive them read this blog!


JusikaRenae said...

Oh la la! I like that!

Becca said...

HOW interesting! Mom is actually way into collecting French pottery& I could not resist reading and re-reading this post because it reminded me of home and Mom, etc. :) Beautiful choices! You should get as much stuff as you can while you are there& before your beautiful baby arrives!!

Chantal said...

So pretty!! I'm very jealous you are in Europe and get to experience those cultures... I'm hoping we get stationed in Germany after Brandon finishes flight school.

Jen said...

Oh I need to take notes for when we go to france!

Kate said...

GORGEOUS! So glad you had fun! I miss Europe and my day trips to Calais, Paris, etc.... I hope we can get stationed there some day soon....Italy maybe??! :-) Here's to wishful thinking!

Carmen said...

The building and the pottery are gorgeous! I love it :)

Emilia said...

I'm about to leave for my annual pottery buying trip in Provence. Do you know the artist you bought from? I will definitely be updating my blog on the trip if you're interested in finding out about more amazing French potters!!

Emily said...

Sorry, I should have mentioned that if anyone is interested in following my pottery buying trip in Provence, my blog is -- let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts!

therecoveringbrit said...

Adorable! Love those poppies - so European!

Rose City Reader said...

So, so glad I found your blog. My sister is an American ex-pat, living in Bavaria. She used to import Italian and french pottery to Oregon, so this post really caught my eye.

I'll follow. And come back for more visits.

One question, and don't take it the wrong way -- why do you center your text? It makes it hard to read.

Sally Johnson said...

I love French pottery! My sister recently went to France and purchased terre e provence dinnerware. I myself cannot travel to France to purchase this amazing art. I hope this link helps people like me. By the way, amazing pictures!