Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 34

I only have about 6 more weeks to go! The time has seriously been passing quickly and I cant believe she could come any day now. My doctor told me at this week's appointment that if I were to go into labor from today on, they wouldnt stop me. I was very surprised by this! I thought they would try to stop labor until around the 36/37 week mark, but he said that at 34 weeks, the baby's lungs are mature and while they might have to spend a bit of time in the NICU if born this early, most babies do just fine. This was a bit of a jolt to us that we need to make sure we really are prepared, just in case! I think we have everything we need to get started. I just need to order cloth diapers, the breast pump and a few misc. items, but I wanted to wait until after my last baby shower.

How Far Along:  34 weeks

Size of baby:  Anywhere between 4-5.5 lbs, supposedly the size of a large cantaloupe. 

Total Weight Gained:  19 lbs! Im right on track for the recommended one pound per week. My doctor wants me to gain a total of 25, so that's 6 more pounds in the next six weeks. Im thinking that with all of my dessert and sweets cravings, 6 more pounds isnt going to be difficult! =) 

.So far, no stretch marks and I seriously hope Im one of the lucky ones who avoids them. *fingers crossed*

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, definitely. I still cant wear most of my maternity jeans yet, but Ive got a couple that work. 

Gender: It's a GIRL! A very spoiled and blessed little girl. 

Movement: Tons! She is definitely running out of room, so her movements, while frequent, are not as strong as they have been.

Sleep: I wake up 2-3 times a night to pee and then usually wake up for good around 6-7am. I have definitely not been sleeping well in the last 3 or so weeks. I wake up a ton, cant go back to sleep and have some major hip pain at night. 

What I miss: Being able to move around and do as much without my back hurting or getting tired so quickly; fitting into my normal clothes, eating anything I want. It's all worth it of course! 

Cravings: Still with the cereal and fruit, especially grapes, but Ive really started to crave sweets in the last 3-4 weeks. Ive gone through oreo and doughnut cravings these past few weeks. I went to France today for lunch (no big deal, ;) and grocery shopping. I bought French macaroons (divine) and chocolate croissants. I wanted to buy so many other pastries and treats, but some how I refrained and held on to my willpower. I also had a chocolate, nutella and banana crepe for lunch. A-Ma-Zing! 

Aversions: None, thankfully! 

Symptoms:  Hip pain, back pain, heartburn. Still. 

Best Moment this week: 34 week doctor's appt. I love getting to hear her heartbeat. I also love seeing and feeling her move. 

My last baby shower is this Saturday at a wine bar. How perfect is that?! It's a joint shower for me and my friend A, thrown for us by our friend E. Im really looking forward to it. I might even have a small (4 oz.) glass of wine. (Put away your stones and pitchforks and step into the the reality of the medical world in the 21st century. I understand that some of you may have some judgmental, negative comments  regarding this, but having a glass of red wine a day in your third trimester is absolutely healthy and safe. I spoke with my doctor about this at my 30 week appt and he confirmed this to be true. So leave me be and let me enjoy my tiny glass of red wine.) I am super excited for this shower and all the girl time we'll get to have.  

I had a baby shower via Skype a few weeks ago thrown for us by J's family. It was interesting and so sweet. I really appreciated what they did for us, especially considering how unique hosting a baby shower online is. We received some cute clothes and it was nice to get to see his side of the family. 

Baby M's nursery is 99% complete. I just need the garment rack (closet) cover from my mom, which she will bring when she comes over in September. Once I have that, I will take a bunch of photos and show it to all of you! I think it's so stinking cute and colorful and Im really happy with the way it turned out. 

Happy Thursday!


Committed said...

Good for you, enjoying that glass of wine! I've been dying too, but don't want to open one of our expensive bottles that we brought from California to have the rest of the bottle go to waste. 4 more weeks and I'll be able to have TWO glasses... LOL. Enjoy it, girl!

ALW said...

I can't believe you only have 6 more weeks to go!!! Enjoy your glass of vino, & I'll enjoy one for you too! ;)

Kate said...

Enjoy your wine, Lady! My doc told me at 11 weeks that a glass every now and then was totally fine! And since that was the same week my dad died, she told me my stress and nerves would do more damage to the baby than the alcohol would...and guess what?! He turned out absolutely perfect and right on time (well, 2 days early)!! And WOW about not stopping labor! They didn't tell me that until 37 weeks....secretly I think I'd have flipped out that early since I was no where CLOSE to being ready for him....thank goodness he kept baking until all the move drama was over! Hang in there, enjoy your last shower, and enjoy your last few weeks as a COUPLE....tell J to take you to dinner someplace romantic!

PS I'm super jealous you've only gained 19 pounds!

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

Good for you having a little wine if you want! Not to mention, um, nurse, know what you're talking about :-)

My mom had a small glass when she was pregnant with me ever once in a while and I turned out just fine.

I'm so excited for Baby M to get here, so happy for you!!!

Hilary said...

wow... I can't believe there is only 6 weeks left.. I am so excited for you...

Jen said...

Enjoy your wine! I look forward to the same in the third tri.

May I ask where you will buy your pump? I haven't found any that are 220v

Maranda said...

You don't feel 100% after you have the baby but it's crazy how quickly the heartburn, hip and back pain go away!! If you deliver vaginally, you have to deal with that pain...but a week after having my 8 pound chunky monkey I'm ready to start going for walks again! I can't wait for you to have her!!