Friday, August 12, 2011

A Baby Shower at a .... Wine Bar?

Yes, my last baby shower was at a tapas wine bar! 
It was the perfect location for someone like me, even though I didnt
drink any wine. It was a really beautiful and fun place to have a party.
Im thinking my birthday party needs to be here next year! 

My friend Erin hosted the shower for both me and our friend Allie, who is 
due two weeks after me. It was a beautiful shower and we had a great time. 
The food was fantastic, as always, and we received some super cute gifts. 

Knowing this was my last shower just makes it all the more real that this 
little girl is going to make her appearance soon. We have less than 5 weeks until her
due date and there is still so much I need to do! Her nursery is all ready and has been
for weeks and we have pretty much all that we need to get started, but I definitely 
need some maintenance! Im going to schedule a haircut and pedicure today. 
I also need to make a few more freezer meals. So far we have three all ready to go
and our squadron sets up three meals, so that's six. Id like to have about ten ready 
to go. Even though my mom and J will be more than willing to cook, it would be
nice if they didnt have to for awhile. 

Diaper cake

I loved all of the little special touches like the baby themed clothes pins and the
matching Sixlets. The favors were super cute! A spa package with a candle,
bath bomb and mini nail file. 

The delicious food! 

I love tapas!  
Opening presents

Such a beautiful place! 
My cupcakes were the chocolate ones with chocolate filling and icing!
An overdose of chocolate, but very tasty!
Allie's were lemon and Im wishing now that I would have tried one!

The countdown is on!

My Mom arrives in just a few short weeks. 
We'll be attending breast feeding and childbirth classes next week.
I am going to the OB every two weeks now.
Our bags are packed and all ready to go!


Just_Megs said...

How sweet! What a fun place to have a shower! The cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!

I was going to post on your last blog and say its your party, drink wine if you want to!

One of the best baby shower gifts I got was a crockpot from my mom. If you have one, you'll be using it a lot the first few months and if you don't, you should definitely invest! The meals take five minutes to prepare and then you just turn it on and forget about it. So nice when you have so many other things to think about!


Kate said...

My advice? Let your mom and J cook and save the frozen meals for after your mom leaves. Sounds mean to make her cook while she's visiting, but trust me, you'll be glad when you're suddenly without your mom (aka The Baby least that's what I called mine!) and don't have to worry about feeding yourself!! Just a thought!! Hugs!!

Becca said...

How fun! Those cupcakes look YUM!
You sound like a super-Mom already!!This post just reminded me of how my sister-in-law prepped a freezer full of frozen meals (like for the apocalypse, seriously), and it was all stuff that she was eating while preggo...well, after she had my nephew, not only did her tastes kind of change, but she ended up having to go off of dairy and spicy foods while she was breastfeeding (just for the first 12 weeks). She didn't regret her preparedness, just that everything she froze had cheese and jalapenos in it :)

Making meals and freezing them is a pretty good habit because it buys you so much good sleep time...Hope you are well!!

Maranda said...

You are so cute! I'm that super unprepared mom. LOL! I had to go to the store on the way home from the hospital. And there's no way I made freezer meals. Good thing my MIL is here...she's a life saver!

Paige said...

I love this! What a fun place to have a shower. Ah, I craved red wine the entire time I was pregnant..and still am!