Friday, May 14, 2010

Fab Friday

Happy Friday!

I decided to participate in The Design Girl's Fab Friday today since I love the subject. The topic: Fab Chick Flicks. I love watching movies. While I could name at least 30 great chick flicks, Ive decided to focus on the ones that have great locales or are travel related.

1. The Proposal- because Ive always wanted to go to Alaska. Just not in the winter.
2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- NYC. I want to go, see, and do it all!
3. P.S. I Love You- Scotland, my ancestors homeland. Definitely going to make it up there while we're living in Europe.
4. New in Town- Hilarious, charming, Minnesotan. Hello Mall of America! Also features Miami, which I love, love, love!
5. Sweet Home Alabama- Im a Southern girl, through & through.
6. The Notebook- Again, set in the South. I cant help it, I love it!
7. Bridget Jones' Diary- Set in England (love their accents!), where we are already planning a trip!
8. A Walk in the Clouds- Takes place in a vineyard. What a dream location!

So there you have it! So fav chick flicks with fabulous locales. Hopefully Ill make it to all of these places one day. My passports ready!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Enjoy!


The Design Girl said...

Thanks so much for participating.

You are going to appreciate this. I did the product placement for new in town. I worked in entertainment a while back so I actually got a few things placed in the film. Funny thing is, I never saw it.

AND, it was supposed to be called Chilled in Miami, but they changed the title :)

Love all the other movies, except a walk in the clouds and PS I love you (that is on my netflix list). Haven't seen it.

Have a GREAT Friday!

Uncork and Unwined said...

Wow, that's awesome! It's a really charming, funny movie that even my husband liked. Definitely worth adding to your Netflix. So glad they went with New in Town. Chilled in Miami just doesnt sound as good.

PS, I love you is wonderful, but incredibly sad. My girlfriends and I bawled through most of the movie, so be sure to have some tissues with you. =)