Sunday, June 20, 2010

DC part 2

From the Washington Monument we walked to the World War II Monument. It was my first time to visit this memorial and I thought it was beautiful. The day we were there, a group of WWII veterans from Missouri were also visiting. Most were in wheelchairs and accompanied by family. Several people shook their hands and had their photo taken with them. They took a group photo in front of the portion of the monument dedicated to Missouri. This was a poignant moment for J & I as we thought about the service these men provided. It was also sobering to think that one day there will most likely be an Iraq War Memorial in DC. Just thinking about this made me want to hold his hand a little tighter that day.

Beyond the WWII Memorial you can see the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. It's a lot longer of a walk than it looks!

The Korean Memorial is just off to the left of the Lincoln Memorial. Ive seen it before and, while beautiful, I find it a little unnerving. We moved on to the Vietnam Memorial, which is simple and sad.

From there we went to lunch at Old Ebitt Grill. This place was established in the 1850s and still has the look of an old saloon. A really, really, upscale saloon. The lunchtime wait was 45 minutes for a table, but there was no wait at the bar. We were hot & tired of walking, not to mention hungry, so the bar was a very appealing choice. Our bartender was fantastic! Attentive but not intrusive, friendly, and made great mixed drinks. J had the Bloody Maryland (their take on a Bloody Mary) & I had a Pomegranate Mojito. They were both amazingly refreshing after our long walk. The food was delicious! The next time we visit DC, we will definitely eat here again.

The White House

After lunch we visited The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The ocean hall and the mineral & gem hall were my favorites. I loved looking at the jewelry!

On our way back to Union Station, we stopped to feed these little guys some nuts. They were not at all afraid of us, and would in fact come right up and beg for food. They were so cute I couldnt say no, even though I know better!

I could have easily spent a couple of hours at the shops in Union Station. As it was, we had time for one drink before our train departed for BWI. For anyone going to DC, I would give these tips: wear comfy walking shoes, wear sunscreen and bring water. I left DC with more culture, great memories, and one thing I didnt count intense heat rash on both feet. =P

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