Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review- The Hangman's Daughter

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This week's book was an Amazon recommendation and it was only $4. It takes place in Germany in medieval times. It follows an infamous executioner family, specifically one man and his daughter. A series of events lead the superstitious townspeople to suspect one of their own of witchcraft. It's up to the hangman and his daughter, with the help of a couple of friends, to prove that the accused isn't guilty. Can they save her in time? 

I liked this book. It takes place near where I currently live in Germany, so it was cool to read about what this area might have been like in the 1600s. I enjoy reading about times past and since this book is based on an actual family, the facts are more interesting. Some of the torture parts are a bit tough to read and I figured out the mystery long before then end, but it was an enjoyable book nonetheless. The author did a good job of making the characters likable and kept with the details from the time period. 

Rating: ***

Rating Scale
*****: Amazing, wonderful, MUST-read, loved it!
****: Really liked it, would recommend, great book!
***: Liked it, enjoyable, but not the greatest book ever written. 
**: Not so great, some good parts, but overall, it was just ok. 
*: Didnt like it, wouldnt recommend it, bad book all around. 


Nicky said...

Oh I've seen this book advertised, but never checked it out - had no idea it was set in Germany. Sounds like an enjoyable read anyway. I really like the cover too, and the title font - it all looks kind of Addams Family-esque!

Maranda said...

For #4 and a 3 star rating?? Not too shabby...