Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest Post: My Goal is Simple

Today we have Karen from My Goal is Simple. I simply adore her and her blog so I was thrilled when she agreed to guest post for me. Her husband recently returned from deployment and they are about to embark on a whole new adventure: moving to Oklahoma! She has the most adorable little boy, loves wine and just got her Master's Degree. Sounds awesome, right? Go check out her blog, after you read her post here!

My Goal is Simple

As a first time guest blogger, I am typing this post with just a tiny bit of fear. What if I ramble about nothing you have no interest in reading, therefore causing you to curse my blog and pray I receive a bad case of writer's block, just so you don't have to worry about ever stumbling across my musings while combing through your reader? The horror! So while I am a bit scared, my ego can handle this rejection; after all, I blog. Which means I am conceited enough to think other people want to read my thoughts. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know there are some out there who blog for themselves and themselves only but (surprise!) I am not one of them. Because if I were, I would just write in my private journal (which I do, but we're just going to ignore that little factoid) and call it a day without leaving my mark on the Internet.
I am not afraid to admit that I am a tad obsessed with my quest for contentment and satisfaction. I want it all. Leaving this world without sampling every sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell frightens me. Questions concerning I am doing enough to ensure that I am living to my fullest potential race through my head at night – bouncing back and forth like Charlie Sheen in a New York hotel room.  I just want a long and happy life…is that too much to ask? Ruth Bernhard didn't think so.
If you're not familiar with Ruth Bernhard, I suggest that you check out her work. Some of her work is arguably among the most famous contemporary photographs of female forms. Breathtakingly beautiful. By all accounts, she was feisty. How can you not love that? I recently came across her Recipe for a Long and Happy Life. I thought I would share because it is too good not to. I tried to find the original source where Ms. Bernhard first wrote/said the recipe, but my search was unsuccessful, otherwise I would link it. If you know it, please share!
Recipe for a Long and Happy Life
1.    Never get used to anything

2.   Hold onto the child in you

3.   Keep your curiosity alive

4.   Trust your intuition

5.   Delight in simple things

6.   Say 'Yes' to life with passion

7.   Fall madly in love with the world

  1. Remember: Today is the day!
Easy enough, right? If I pray hard, dream big, and follow this recipe for a long and happy life, there is nothing that can get in my way (cue inspirational background music). And maybe, just maybe, I can have a long and happy life. Or least prevent you from cursing my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kendra!

Nicky said...

Lovely to meet you here! What a great recipe list - I think my favorite is "Delight in simple things". These days that seems to be something that although easy to do, is all-too-frequently forgotten by many folk. Thanks for sharing!

Natalia said...

Love this! This is one recipe that I do follow, thanks for sharing it! :-)

Molly said...

Not a single curse from me! Your writing always makes me smile.

Love that recipe too...
Cheers to many more guest posting shots in your future!

A Foreign Land

Maranda said...

What an awesome recipe!!