Monday, December 19, 2011


Dont you just love it when:

*You're finished Christmas shopping!
*Your baby wakes up smiling and happy. Totally makes my morning.
*You're back to pre-pregnancy weight 12 weeks after delivery. Woohoo!
*Your baby is good in public, especially during a dinner out.
*You can fit into a dress you wore in high school.
*Your baby sleeps longer than a 3 hour stretch at night.
*Your husband is on vacation. Two weeks off coming up and I cant wait!
*Your baby doesnt get sick even though you and your husband both had the same virus.
*You get caught up on laundry. Yes!
*Your family and friends shower you and your family with love.
*You get into a flexible daily routine that makes both momma and baby happy.
*Your parents send 14 boxes of things for the baby and Christmas presents. Cant wait till Christmas morning.
*You see your child discover new things and develop new skills.
*Your mom comes to visit. T minus two weeks and counting!
*You get a child free date night with your hubby.
*The sun shines in the winter.
*The holiday season is in full swing. I love this time of the year.

and on the reverse side of things....

Dont you just hate it when:

*The military throws you a curveball and you have to change your plans.
*Your baby goes through a growth spurt. Every two hour feedings during the night are no fun.
*It's pouring down rain and you have to go to the commissary. Worse, with a baby.
*You run out of pumpkin spice coffee and cant buy more around here. =(
*There's nothing good on AFN. Wait, there's rarely ever anything good on AFN. I miss real TV.
*You've worked so hard to get your baby to sleep and the moment you put her down, her eyes pop open and she's wide awake again. Sigh.
*You dont see the sun for days and days. Boo to the never ending grey skies and rain.
*You get sick and your husband is TDY. And you still have to take care of a baby.
*You have obligations to attend to, but all you want to do is stay in your PJs and snuggle with the cutest little girl in the world.
*It's the middle of December and you havent received any Christmas cards.
*You have to go on base and stand in line to get your mail. I miss mail being delivered right to your home. Id love to be able to just walk to the mailbox.
*You cant find a parking spot.
*You live in a country that doesnt know what good Mexican food is. We tried a new Mexican restaurant last night and as per all the Mexican restaurants in Germany, it sucked. Bad food and too strong, watered down drinks. I really miss good Mexican food.


therecoveringbrit said...

I'm at least pleased for you that you have plenty to love during the holiday season!

Samantha said...

I too miss good mexican food. A friend on FB said that she was making tamales the other day and my mouth watered.... {sadface}

Jen said...

I miss Mexican!! So much. Congrats on being back at your pre preg weight! I have 13 lbs to go :( and flab to tighten up!

Merry Christmas :)

Becca said...

Yay for Husband having time off and Mom coming to visit. Boo for being sick with Husband gone...I hope you are all back to good health? Or at least will be soon. I remember the every 2 hour feedings :) Their little brains and bodies are growing so fast. It's nice when they start eating food :) Won't be long...

Merriest of Christmases to your sweet little family...We've been enjoying a neverending supply of chocolate goodies all month long. Thank you so much!!!

Sarah said...

How close are you to Regensburg? There is a great Mexican place there (still not AS good as home but good enough) called Margarita's right by the mall there. Popular with the soldiers from the bases around there.

Hope you can find some and enjoy your holiday!

Kate said...

LOVE your post....and totally agree! Pre-preggo weight already?!?! I'm jealous! Of course, I gained more than you, but I only have 6 pounds to go. Don't think I'll make my Christmas deadline, but I'm super close! I'm so glad your little family is enjoying the Christmas's hard without family around, but seeing little faces glowing in the twinkling lights is AWESOME! Merry Christmas!

Natalia said...

Despite the bad it sounds like you're have a wonderful Holiday this year! I missed Mexican food so much in New Zealand, my mom sent cans of green chilies so I could make chile verde. Before Mr. F deployed we tried to come up with ingenious ways to send him his favorite al pastor burrito from home. Still working on that one...
Merry Christmas!

Angela Noelle said...

I'm so rarely caught up on laundry, it really is alarmingly thrilling when it happens! Glad that you've got so much good going on right now :)

PS How much longer are you going to be in Germany? We might be neighbors soon ;)

Cat said...

Congrats on your pre-preggo weight! I love the top list and am grateful that the bottom list had many things that don't affect me!