Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Baby Gear Must-haves

Now that M is 3 months old, I wanted to list our favorite baby gear items thus far.

*I wasnt compensated for any of this and these companies have no idea who I am. These are my own opinions.

Carter's pack and play
We use this as a changing station/cloth diaper holder for downstairs.
So convenient, sturdy, cute. Maybe she'll nap in it one day. 

Carter's Bouncer seat
This isnt the exact one that we have, but it's close enough. 
We keep it upstairs and move it from room to room, wherever we are. 
We mostly use it in the bathroom to put her in during our showers and while we prepare her bath.

Disney Baby Einstein Play Mat 
M loves the toys that come with this. 
She stares at and plays with "Oscar" the octopus the most. 
She also likes the flashing lights.
We keep it downstairs in the living room. 
She plays while I get household chores done.
This is also where we do tummy time. 

Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow
I only use this for nighttime feedings, but I love it. 
I have a few covers for it too. 
Once M can sit up a little more steadily on her own, 
Ill put it behind her to help hold her up.

Boppy newborn lounger
This is great for naps and playtime.
M usually takes her morning nap here. 

Arm's Reach Co-sleeper
This allows the baby to be within reach, but not in the bed with you. 
It connects to your bed. It's great and convenient if you're breast feeding. 
The AAP recommends sleeping in the same room as your baby until they are 6 months old, 
so this is what we are using. 
Nuk Pacifiers
This is the only brand of pacifier that M will take.
We've tried multiple brands and this is her fav.

Fisher Price Zen swing
M wasnt too keen on this early on, but around week 8 she really took to it.
She will sit in it for 10-20 minutes a few times a day. It is big and takes up a lot of room, but 
she likes the mobile and loves the side to side swinging motion. 
The seat is removable and doubles as an infant seat. 

Moby Wrap
This was intimidating at first, but after I figured out how to use it the first time, 
I could get her in and out of it quickly and easily. 
It's perfect for commissary runs. It distributes her weight evenly. 
M falls asleep in it every time.

Bum genius and Fuzzibuns Cloth Diapers
We love these! Im so happy we decided to cloth diaper.
We use the pocket one size versions of both of these and are very happy with them. 
We do occasionally have a poop leak from the leg holes due to M's skinny legs, 
but that doesnt happen often.
Medela On The Go Breast Pump
Great for traveling. Works really well. Easy to use and easy to clean. 
We're not big fans of the bottles that are included, but the pump is great.

Baby Trend Travel System
LOVE this! The handle on the car seat makes it so much easier to hold and carry.
The stroller is easy to fold up and maneuver. I love that it's a jogging stroller and 
has a swivel front wheel. It has two cup holders and speakers with an MP3 hookup. 
It is a bit heavy, but I am able to lift it into and out of the trunk. Travel systems are 
definitely the way to go. 

Bundle Me
This is so great. We live in cold, dreary Germany and this keeps
our little one warm and cozy. She likes her car seat more now that we've added this. 

We have the one shown above, with legs. We love it! M got to the point where she was
constantly breaking out of her swaddle blankets at night and waking up. This solves that problem.
It also keeps her warm and cozy. The 3-6 month size is too long. but still fits her. It gives her just enough play and movement of her arms to keep her happy. She hates the Swaddle Me's. She will struggle
against them until I take it off. The Woombie, she likes. 
 Cloud b Twilight Constellation Nightlite
This is so great. I keep it in our room and use it when I want to see the baby and when Im feeding her during the night. It is so soft, it doesnt wake M or J up when I turn it on, but it provides enough light for
me to be able to see her clearly. Another awesome feature? It turns itself off after 45 minutes!

What are your favorite baby gear items? Please share!

*All images from www.google.com


Kate said...

So many great things! As we near the 7-month mark I'm gearing up for the next stage of stuff! I'll be sure to let you know when I post!!

Chantal said...

Great stuff!! So far, we're 11 days in, so I'm learning what she likes. She sleeps in a pack n play in our room right now and it rocks. We use the Boppy pillow for everything - she naps in it, I use it to nurse, etc. Of course, receiving blankets, we use so many. We've been doing prefolds and loving it!

Poekitten said...

I've been looking at the arm's reach co-sleeper! I think that may be what we go with:) Is there anything you don't like about it? I've also heard great things about the Moby wraps...looking forward to using them!

Bonnie said...

We've been debating the arm's reach co-sleeper. Gracie didn't like sleeping in the bed with us unless it was time to eat so she slept in the bassinet but once she hit 4 months old, she was too big for it. I just don't know if it will be worth it to buy since this is our last bebe.

Monica said...

We use the co-sleeper too. Love it. And I love to Kiddopotomus swaddle wraps too. When she's a little older, I'd definitely invest in an Ergo if you're into babywearing. We've logged many miles with Abbie in that thing!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing. We need a woombie! Nolan escapes from the swaddle and hits himself in the head and wakes up :(

Lou said...

that is a lot of baby stuff!! Hahah i got your postcard;s thank you so much there so pretty!! I hope you got mine i sent it awhile back!! I have no idea when we are supposed to post them do you?? Hope all is well!!

Alicia Gusingfao said...

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