Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Year in Review

As 2010 comes to a close, 
I find myself reflecting on the past year, 
looking forward to the next year and
creating New Years resolutions. 

Facebook has an application called 
My Year in Status.
After reading about this on Karen's page, 
I decided I wanted to try it as well.

I love it! It gives a nice little synopsis of 
your status updates over the last year. 
You can keep the one it creates automatically 
or select your statuses from the ones provided.
I choose my own and this is what it came up with:

2010 has been an interesting, busy, mostly great year.
Everyone has their ups & downs, but thankfully for me, 
this year was mainly ups. 

We found out in January that we were moving to Germany. 
In February we started sprucing up our house to eventually rent out.
In March I passed my boards to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.
In April we suffered through some stormy weather.
In May we celebrated our four years together anniversary, one year wedding
anniversary, packed up all of our stuff and began our cross country trip to Maryland.
In June we moved to Germany and began our travels.
In July we moved into our new house.
In August I drove on the autobahn for the first time by myself. 
In September we attended our first wine festival and realized again how much we love Germany. 
We also celebrated my birthday by going to Paris for the first time. 
In October we visited the States, J's brother got married and my mom came to visit.
In November we went on a Mediterranean cruise, spent Thanksgiving apart and enjoyed the first
snowfall of the season.
In December we went to our first ice festival in Brugge, celebrated J's birthday with friends and experienced our first 
Christmas away from our families. 
We had a wonderful year!

I dont usually make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I am.
Here they are:

*Try to keep better in touch with friends and family back home. When you move away, it's easy to think people forget about you. And some do. But those people who are true friends wont forget. Even if they arent good at keeping in touch doesnt mean that I have to suck at it too. Which means emails, hand written cards & post cards. Phone calls and skype calls would be great too.
*Paint. Ive got all the supplies. Now I just need to do it.
*Catch our travel scrapbook up to date. Im years behind.
*Work out at least twice a week. Dont most people make this one? If you knew me, you would know how much I dislike working out. No, let's just say it. I HATE working out. I get so bored at the gym and would rather be outside (or anywhere else really).
*Meet up with a friend at least once a week
*Not dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives. Positive thoughts = positive actions. Im a positive person by nature, but there are, or rather is, something in my life that isnt where I want it to be. It  is one thing that I want right now more than anything else, but it hasnt become a reality yet. Perhaps in 2011...

I know that I wont accomplish all of these goals and I may not keep up with some of them for long. But Im going to try and I think that's half the battle.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? 


♥ Elizabeth said...

Your resolutions are great! What a fun year you had! I never really make resolutions, but I'm working on 101 goals in 1001 days. I think I'll get alot of them done during this deployment!

Casey said...

Wow, sounds like 2010 was a FANTASTIC year for you! :)

Here's to hoping all your 2011 resolutions come true!!!


PS- Check out my giveaway! It's my first one, and I think it's pretty good!!!

Natalia said...

What a fantastic year! And great resolutions. What about joining some sort of fitness class like dance, bootcamp, yoga, rock climbing, something-completely-random?

2010 has also been a big year for me and I think 2011 will bring even more excitement and adventure. Happy New Year!

Angela Noelle said...

You've had such an amazing year--I'm sure 2011 will be just as incredible! Your resolutions are very inspiring. I'm still not sure what mine will be... now you've got me thinking!

Hilary said...

It sounds like you had an amazing year! I hope 2011 brings you the best!

mygoalissimple.com said...

Squeal! I LOVE these. :) I have yet to come up with resolutions for 2011...

University of Iowa Meg said...

Painting is in my New Years resolutions too- but not walls or decor- just my own little silly paintings I do for fun. I really need to pull out the art supplies this year and get crackin'!

University of Iowa Meg said...

Painting is in my New Years resolutions too- but not walls or decor- just my own little silly paintings I do for fun. I really need to pull out the art supplies this year and get crackin'!

the Ulrich's said...

friend, i can't wait to get there to chill with you! and i'm gonna make you walk with me...at LEAST 3x/week...so I'll be your pick-me-up mid year:) miss you! HERE'S TO 2011! We'll see you soon!!

Maranda said...

That's pretty neat! I'm glad your year was full of mostly ups and I know you will take 2011 by storm!!