Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trier, Germany

When my mom was visiting in October, 
we took her to Trier, Germany for a day trip. 
J & I had been before, three years earlier, 
and loved the town,
so we wanted to share that with my mom.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany
It was built in 16 B.C. 
It's rich in culture and history and is a 
beautiful little town.
They have a fantastic walkplatz area full of 
shops and eateries, as well as 
the two most visited historic attractions:
The Porta Nigra & The Cathedral of Trier.

The Cathedral of Trier is the oldest cathedral in Germany.
It has been built and destroyed many times, but
it hasnt lost it's beauty.
The outside of this cathedral is gorgeous and
 one of my favorite cathedrals in Europe. 
It looks like a fairy tale castle.

Side view
Dome inside

A shroud that Jesus supposedly wore is kept here in a vault
The details and work never fail to amaze me
A better view
The look of this is very European, very Roman.
I love it! 

Graves in the courtyard

The Porta Nigra is Germany's oldest defensive structure, 
built in 180. 
I am so amazed and impressed that it has 
survived this long and still looks great!

In front of the Porta Nigra with my mom
The back


Happy Sunday Everyone! 


High Heeled Life said...

Your photos were breath taking!!! Thank you for sharing such beauty!! HHL

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

wow!! what a stunning mini-history lesson! thank you for sharing!