Friday, January 28, 2011

Guest Post: the annoyed army wife

Today marks the beginning of my guest bloggers! Im so excited to have each and every one of them. Their posts are awesome and I know you all will love them too. Up first we have the annoyed army wife. She is one of my favorite bloggers. She's sarcastic, sweet and crafty! She's also going through her first deployment, so be sure to stop by her blog and leave her some love. I promise, you'll be happy you did! 

Hobby Time With the annoyed army wife

I’m so excited to be guest blogging on one of my favorite blogs, Uncork and Unwined.  For those of you who don’t know me I’m an army wife supporting my physician husband, OccDoc, during his first deployment to Afghanistan.  My little slice of the interwebs is the annoyed army wife

I learned how to sew before I learned to read.  I made my own skirt to wear in first grade from a pillow case.  It was my ‘butterfly skirt’ and I loved that thing!  My mom was a custom dressmaker that taught me just about all I know about sewing.  Through the years she mentored me in my 4H days and eventually I helped her in ‘the sewing room’ on her professional projects which included ice skating outfits for a semi-pro skater, random tailoring, prom dressesbridesmaids dresseswedding dresses, and a whole host of other projects.  In high school and college I started pulling away from sewing to pursue other interests, namely boys.  I spent a few years away from the sewing machine, until recently.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas in ’09 and have been busy whipping up home decorations like pillows, curtains, table runners, aprons, etc.  Now I want to get back to clothing construction, but I kind of need a refresher.  Enter my latest pursuit keeping me busy while my husband is deployed. 

A couple weeks ago I signed up for a t-shirt sewing class, aka Knits for Beginners.  I was a bit nervous about it, since lots of time has passed since I’d put a needle to a garment.  I found a great local sewing shop that offers fun classes.  The classes are super small; this one only had two students, me and another girl.  During my class, I realized a kindred spirit, a funny, sarcastic, giggly girl my age, shared the sewing table with me.  Our poor teacher, who is the cutest 22 year old with an old soul, tried in vain to silence the giggles of her two 30 year old students.  With comments like “I think a drunk monkey would have stitched a straighter line” she was hard pressed to keep us quiet.  We all had so much fun that by the end of the first class, we agreed to sign up for the next class, Intermediate Knits: Dress Making, at the month.  Here’s my shirt.

What kinds of new or resurrected hobbies have you gotten into while your husband is away?  And how did you keep up with your hobbies when he came home, or did you drop your new interests?

The Annoyed Army Wife 


Angela Noelle said...

It's great finding new friends with similar interests! I just bought a sewing machine and signed up for an intro to sewing class on base, so hopefully I'll be designing fashionable garments in no time ;)

Nicky said...

I love the idea of your teacher only being 22 - unbelievable! Love your shirt though - fantastic work, and the colors and pattern are beautiful. The blue especially is wonderful on you and really highlights your lovely eyes. Love your earrings too, by the way.

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

I "discovered" sewing and blogging while C was deployed. I maintained the hobbies because I needed something that was just for me. Although, I didn't maintain them at the same level.

Maranda said...

Cute shirt! I took a bunch of cake decorating classes when The Hubble was deployed last.