Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It must be guest blogging week for me....

Today I am a guest blogger over at Juli's blog, It's A Dog Tag Wife Life. If you havent checked out her blog, you really, really should. She is adorable, about to get married and features some yummy recipes on Tuesdays. Plus she has the most adorable pets!

Today Im talking about the differences between a Christmas spent in the States vs. one spent in Germany. After the holiday hub-bub settled down I was able to sit and reflect on how this year was different than my twenty-seven last Christmases. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Wednesday!

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Nicky said...

Enjoyed your post over at Juli's place! Germany is such a lovely country at any time, but especially during the winter months when the scenery is even more beautiful. Glad you guys were able to enjoy a peaceful European Christmas together.