Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prague II

After exploring the large square in Old Town and the Astronomical Clock, 
we made our way to the Charles Bridge. 
This is an impressive bridge. We enjoyed the views of the river and castle from the bridge
and the street performers lining the sides. 
The Charles Bridge
Before crossing over the bridge, J spotted a museum that he wanted to check out.
It sounded just crazy enough for me to want to see too.
The Torture Museum.
They had three floors packed with torture instruments used throughout the history 
of time. Throughout the tour, I dont think my sphincter relaxed for a minute and 
Im pretty sure I grimaced the entire time! 
It was very interesting though.
It was also a bit shocking to learn that some of these instruments were used as 
recently as the 1970s in Europe! 

The Witches torture chair
Cue sphincter tightening.
This was a long, suffering death
The Stretcher 
Female chastity belt
Male chastity belt!

Crossing the Charles Bridge
Another creepy Marionette shop

After lunch we made our way up to the Prague Castle. It is the largest castle 
in Europe! I wish we would have known that there is a tram that will
take you to the top. 
Instead, we walked up about a million stairs to get there. 
Ugh. I had to take a break every 24 steps or so. 

The looong way up
Happy once we'd reached the top
Gorgeous cathedral within the castle
It looks like the Notre Dame in Paris from the backside
The side of the cathedral
See the American Embassy on the left?
It's right across from the castle.

An interesting looking building

For lunch on our last day, we had Italian on a botel. 
What is a botel you might ask?
It's a hotel on a boat and they happened to have a fantastic 
restaurant on board. The food was delicious and the view was unbeatable. 

There's the baby bump!!! 
Inside of the botel's restaurant

Our floating restaurant

When J and I travel, we tend to spend the largest part of our money on food and drinks. We're big foodies and like to try new things. This trip we had traditional Czech food which was just ok really. Not bad, but not great either. We had Mexican at a restaurant right across from our hotel called Banditos. If you're ever in Prague, do NOT go here! We knew it was a risk, getting Mexican food in the Czech Republic, but the restaurant is owned by an American from San Diego. We thought it would be delicious. Wrong. We were very wrong. The food was sweet instead of spicy. The salsa was a sweet tomato mix and they made a peppers and onions mix that went on every dish that was very sweet. We were very disappointed. We also had British food at a restaurant down by the Charles Bridge and it was surprisingly very good! Our last meal there- at the botel- was also great, so two out of four meals were fantastic and two were not so great.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so the Torture Museum sounds disturbing but yet so fascinating. I love going to places like that. I am glad you had a fantastic time! And you are glowing!


Anonymous said...

More awesome photos! The Torture Museum sounds very intriguing! Love your baby bump too :)

family of 4 on the move! said...

If you liked the torture museum there is a really good one in Rothenberg as well.
Prague is on my long list but I hope to make it there one day.

Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! I hope you had a wonderful time :)

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

3 things...

A) Those marionette shops made Prague drop farther down on my places I want to visit list.

2) Those weird buildings look like they are hugging.


Third) My favorite Italian restaurant is run by Germans, and every time I've gone there Spanish music plays. I wouldn't have considered it to be weird to get Mexican in the Czech Republic. HATE when the food is bad!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

My husband tooled around Europe the summer before his Senior year of high school and has told me about the Torture Museum... I have no desire to see it. But it definitely sounds interesting.

ALW said...

I want to go to Prague! Just trying to figure out how to get there from Italy. That torture museum looks fun, but creepy! I'm sorry your Mexican food was icky. We had some in Dublin, and it was good. Maybe that's just because I hadn't had it at a restaurant in over a year! ;)