Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 18

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Yes, this is a baby post! =)

I am 18 weeks pregnant! The days really are flying by. I cant believe Im already this far along. Our gender ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday. That's less than a week! Holy crap, I cant wait to find out what we're having. I think it's a girl, as do most of my family and friends. My BFF from home, Jennifer, and my husband and FIL all think it's a boy. Ive been having dreams that it's a girl. I honestly dont care either way. I did have a dream not long ago that we went in for the ultrasound and it was... a baby shark! LOL! Crazy, I know, but it was healthy and normal in the dream. Weird pregnancy dreams.

How Far Along:  18 weeks

Size of baby:  Baby Olive is the size of a sweet potato this week!

Total Weight Gained: 3 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet. Im still using the rubber band trick for all of my jeans. My shirts still fit normally, though I am about to have to go up in bra size. Im definitely in the "in between" stage and it's a bit annoying dealing with choosing my clothes every morning. Im actually ready to wear my maternity clothes!

Gender: We find out next week. I cant wait! We're hosting a gender reveal party at our house that night. Im planning on making a girl or boy cake plus color coordinated macaroons! 

Movement: Possibly. I havent felt the butterfly wings that people talk about, but I have felt possible pushes from the inside. Maybe it's just gas. *shrugs* Im hoping to be able to definitively tell the difference soon!

Sleep: Thankfully, the pregnancy fatigue only lasted about 3 weeks. Im back to being able to stay up late and get up at a respectable hour in the morning without taking a nap during the day. I am still having crazy pregnancy dreams though. (See shark comment above.) I am waking up a ton during the night with painful hips and/or the need to pee. 

What I miss: Wine. Im definitely missing wine now. And coffee. Every time J drinks a cappuccino, I really, really want one.  I also miss fitting into my regular clothes. 

Cravings: Im still on the fruit and cereal kick. Im also loving Nature's Valley granola squares, Greek yogurt and decaf sweet tea. 

Aversions: Thankfully Im back to loving lettuce again! I still cant eat broccoli or fresh spinach though. I normally love these things, but they totally gross me out right now. Im still not digging fish either, unless it's fried. 

Symptoms:  Lower back pain, hip pain, breast pain, bladder pain. Basically, a lot of pain! Thankfully, it's pretty minor and completely normal. My doctor told me that because Im so petite, I am going to really "feel" this pregnancy. There just isnt much room for the baby to go. 

Best Moment this week: A good friend telling me she wants to throw me a baby shower! Receiving a care package from Grandpa S- a kids baseball bat, baseballs x 2, and a fishing pole! Too cute! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


KAE said...

How exciting, congrats! I think finding out the sex what one of the best moments of pregnancy and then picking out names :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love Grandpa's care package!!!

Maranda said...

You should definitely listen to those dreams! I had dreams about Little Butt being a girl. Then with this one, I had a dream that The Hubble went to the ultrasound appointment (I had a different one to go to) to get our results. He called me and told me he was in shock...that it was a boy. And what do you know?? I forgot about that dream until just now! Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

hmm...I disagree with Maranda. I don't think you should listen to your dream of having a shark! haha Pregnancy dreams are crazy. I had one in which people had a terrible disease that caused their skin to turn into the consistency of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was so scary and I was worried the baby might have it, too.

ALW said...

I think you're going to have a girl too! I haven't been wrong with guessing any of my friends' baby genders, so hopefully I'm right about yours. The baby shark dream totally made me laugh haha!

Allison said...

You should make the CAKE the reveal!! Ice it in white, but dye the cake pink or blue so that when you cut into it all is revealed!!

-Allison @ Keep Calm and Soldier On

Jen said...

darn, your pictures aren't showing up for me, I want to see a bump picture!

Misha said...

Can't wait to hear what you're having!!! Have you tried getting a pregnancy pillow to help with the hip pain and stuff at night? I swear with my pregnancy with Luc it saved my life!!