Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where I've Been

Hello friends!

It feels like Ive been out of the bloggy world for weeks. A lot has been going on around here and the craziness will continue for another week or so. After that, I hope to have time to catch you up on what's been going on and also catch up on your blogs! Ill apologize now for my lack of posting and lack of commenting.

Here's a brief synopsis on what's been going on. Ill get into more detail later!

*I had my gender/anatomy ultrasound last week! Yes we know the gender, but no, Im not going to reveal it to you today. I want to do a whole post on it! If you follow me on Twitter then you already know. We are absolutely thrilled!

*J wasnt here for the ultrasound. He was TDY and after two delays, finally made it home Friday night. We wanted to find out the gender together, so I had to wait two days with a sealed envelope before finding out our baby's gender! I came up with a fun way for J and I to open the envelope, which I will share with you later.

*My parents plus four relatives arrive for a week long visit tomorrow. We spent the weekend cleaning and getting ready for their visit. We're taking a trip to Salzburg, Austria and Berchtesgaden, Germany while they are here.

*I had a huge scare yesterday. I woke up at 130 am sooo sick. It turned out to be the worst stomach virus that I have ever had in my life. Several of my friends also came down with it on Sunday. I suffered at home for about 3 hours, before calling labor and delivery. They told me to come in right away, which we did. I cant remember ever being more miserable. I was immediately admitted to L&D for observation, fluids and medications. After nine hours, they finally got my vomiting stopped and sent me home. I was having contractions from the dehydration which scared me to death, but thankfully they stopped after Id received a bag of fluid. They tried a couple of meds to stop my vomiting, but in the end, they had to bend the rules a bit and give me a med via IV that wasnt really supposed to be given IV. They had to do something. I was just getting worse. It worked and I am thankful. They sent me home with more meds, but Ive not had to use them thus far. This morning I am feeling somewhat human, though my body is so sore and tender. I had some cereal for breakfast and my stomach isnt quite sure what to do with that. Im hoping with some rest and food, Ill be back up and running 100% by this afternoon.

So that's it for now. Ill be back next week!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I'm glad that you're better today and ready for a great family visit!

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

I am so excited for you and J and your little "bundle" :D

I hope you start to feel back to 100% soon. Being sick when you're pregnant is one of the worst feelings :(

ALW said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I can't wait to find out what Baby Olive is! :)

Anonymous said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear more. Glad you are feeling better.

annoyed army wife said...

What a scare! I'm so glad that you are okay now. I can't wait to hear the story! I knew I should still be on The Twitter.

Anonymous said...

You poor girl. Being sick is bad enough when you aren't pregnant, I can't imagine how awful and scared you must have felt :( I'm so glad that you're feeling a bit better and hope you're back to new in no time!

Jen said...

oh dear, how scary! Did they give you IV Phenergan? Did you know we can't even give it IV anymore in our hospital? We can give it rectally only. I guess too many bad IV infiltrates.

I hope you are on the mend.

I say you are having a girl.

Just_Megs said...

We had a stomach flu run rampant through our house this past Sunday too. I managed to stay out of the ER, but either way, no fun.

Glad you are better! And as I am not a tweeter, I can't wait for the gender post!