Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The last stop on our cruise was
Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
J & I have been wanting to go to Croatia for months.
it isnt the easiest country to get to or travel around.
So we were ecstatic when we found a cruise that
would take us there and to such a
gorgeous city.
Dont believe me? 
Take a look...
It looks like a page out of the rich and famous guidebook.

After disembarking the ship we were taken by bus
to the old part of the city.
It's completely surrounded by walls 
and reminded me of a fortress. 
It sits right on the ocean 
and has postcard worthy views. 
We of course had to walk along the top of the walls.
Croatia doesnt use the Euro 
and our money goes farther there, so it was
a very inexpensive way to sightsee.
It takes about an hour to walk along 
the entire perimeter of the outer walls.
It's definitely not for the weak either! 
We climbed so many stairs and walked so far 
that my legs were sore the next day!

My FAVORITE picture.

The color of the water was amazing! 
Just gorgeous
It was so warm, it didnt take us long to take our jackets off!

The inner harbor

See the cafe on the cliffs? We had drinks there! It was perfect.
Our view from the cafe on the cliffs

There was a set of stone steps that led from the cafe straight down
to the ocean.

Yummy Tiramisu and NUTELLA gelato!
I look like such a tourist!

We really enjoyed our time in Croatia,
but with only 6 hours to explore,
we didnt get to see nearly all of the things
that we wanted to see.
I guess we will just have to go back! 


High Heeled Life said...

Wow your Croatia trip looks amazing!!! Visiting from Amanda and Ron around the world.
Love wine, love travel .. luv your blog.. I'm your newest follower.. HHL

Nina said...

Greetings from Alaska!
I came across to your blog through Amanda & Don's "Saturday Around The World". My better half and I are avid travelers, and I am so glad I found your blog - your blog will definitely be added to my RSS reader.

French lover said...

Bonjour ! I'm visiting from Amanda & Don's Saturday around the world ! Thank you for your sweet comment on my little blog ! I love yours :))

{Amanda} said...

Oh, I've been to Dubrovnik too & you're right, it's an absolutely wonderful place! My husband & I went there before he deployed & it was out relaxing romantic getaway :) Delicious food, wonderful people, beautiful sights. I'd love to go again! We were there for 5 days, I believe. Croatia is quite a lovely place! I'm so glad you & your husband were able to experience it too! If you ever go for a longer stay, check out Hotel Bozica on the island of Sipan :)

And thanks so much for participating in Saturdays Around The World!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip :)

ALW said...

Wow it looks beautiful there!!! I think I'm going to have to see for myself!

Mrs. Mootz said...

Wow! Croatia is gorgeous! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

Jen said...


Maranda said...

Oh all right! You are just too cute to keep calling mean names. And you mentioned a tiramisu gelato that I'm hoping you will find a way to send me. But that does not mean I am no less upset with you for not taking me along on your trips! Come on!!!