Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's that time of the year again!

I love the Christmas Season.
The decorations,
spending time with family and friends,
decorating the tree,
baking the goodies,
the joy of giving and receiving,
and yes,
the Christmas cards!

This year I am ordering my cards from Shutterfly.
In past years I have ordered my Christmas cards
from other online sources
or bought them in a store
and wound up disappointed with the finished product.
This year I wanted something special.

Shutterfly is offering all Bloggers 50 FREE Holiday cards.
Free people, free.
I think we can all appreciate that.
To get in on this promotion, go here.

This will be our first Christmas away from both of our families
so I want a beautiful, meaningful Christmas card to send to them all.
Shutterfly offers so many different cards to choose from!
I was surprised by the variety of colors, designs and photo options.
I'm having trouble choosing just one.
I had it narrowed down to eight (yes, eight!) when I asked my husband
for his opinion.
Now we have it narrowed down to four
and I'm finding it nearly impossible to decide!

My favorites are:

(image via Shutterfly)
I love the candy cane writing!

(image via Shutterfly)
This one makes me want to sing Christmas songs
and I like the monogram.

(image via Shutterfly)
This one is so bright and happy and
reminds me of my favorite Christmas song.

(image via Shutterfly)
This one is elegant with lots of space
to write your own message.

I might just have to close my eyes and pick one
because I don't think I can decide.
I can't wait to start receiving Christmas cards!
Happy Holidays!


Just_Megs said...

LOVE the last one!! I might have to get on there to order ours :)

Anonymous said...

I like the last one too! I think it's the Merry Christmas font that does it for me! I ordered our Christmas cards this week too! I <3 this time of year :)

Samantha said...

I love the second one and the last one!