Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Need a Vacation From My Vacation!

We are back from our whirlwind vacation
and Im ready to tell you all about it!
We have had the busiest month and a half ever
and I have a ton of photos and stories to share with all of you.

But first let me say that I missed reading all of your blogs
and I am really trying to catch up.
Maranda over at My Camo Colored Life tagged me
while I was gone and I was given an award by

Maranda asked:
  1. What is an amazing book that you have read recently? I absolutely love to read! I read several books while on vacation, but none of them were noteworthy. I guess the last great book I read was The Hunger Games.
  2. Seen any good movies lately? If so, what was it? The Town was good, if not predictable, and I loved Inception. We get movies later than the US over here and since we dont have real TV, I never see any previews.
  3. What are the last 3 songs you have listened to? I watched Glee last night so it was the songs they sang. I loved their version of Teenage Dream! It was a great episode! I usually end up liking their versions of songs better than the originals.
  4. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Pee.
  5. Do you have a 'before bed time' routine? What is it? Pee, brush my teeth, wash my face, strip and climb into bed. These days, it also includes turning on the heater in our room first to warm it up a little!
  6. What is your favorite snack? Cheese & fruit
  7. Do you order the same thing off the menu every time or do you change it up? I almost always change it up. I want to experience it all.
  8. What is your favorite hobby? Traveling of course!

Thank you so much Meg!

I am so happy Meg gave me this award, simply because
it made me aware of her blog.
I spent some time yesterday catching up on her posts and
I love her blog!
Be sure to stop by if you haven't already.

The rules are:
Thank and link to the awesome giver of award.
(Life and Times of an Impatient Military Wife)
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass it on to 7 blogs you have recently discovered and enjoy
Leave the recipients a note telling them about their award

Seven things about me:
I love to listen to music while cooking, cleaning, etc.
I love Grooveshark, but miss Pandora
I am beyond happy that the commissary finally has pumpkin spice creamer
I am tired of all the rain
I have always wanted to paint and am going to begin learning very soon
I wish I was multilingual
I am almost done Christmas shopping

Since most people have already received this award,
Im going to be a downer and not pass it on,
but all of my favorite blogs deserve it.

I am going to start uploading the thousands of photos
that Ive taken over the last 6 weeks and
once that's done, Ill start blogging about
our latest adventures!

1 comment:

Maranda said...

Oh my gosh! I love the look of your new page!! I just read The Hunger Games and am currently reading Catching Fire. Awesome! I can't wait to see Inception!