Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rhodes, Greece

Our next stop was Rhodes, Greece. This was by far, one of our 
favorite ports. It is such a historical town and 
so rich in culture. 

It is here that the famous Colossus of Rhodes once stood;
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
It was built in 304 B.C. and was toppled a mere 
56 years later by an earthquake.

Help was offered from Egypt to rebuild, but
after consulting with an oracle, the 
offer to rebuild was declined. 

This is what it was imagined to look like.
Does it remind you of another very famous statue?
One in the United States perhaps?
It should. 
The French sculptor who's masterpiece was the 
Statue of Liberty was inspired by the Colossus. 
I think they resemble each other somewhat.


(Image from

This was our view from the ship.
It was so majestic and medieval looking, like a castle 
surrounded by walls. 

We bought a guide book and began to walk around the city. 
It isnt a large city, so it was quite easy to navigate.
This was the port in which we had the longest time (8 hrs.), 
so we took our time exploring.

Knight's Street
I loved the roads! 

The ruins of Aphrodite's Temple
Our favorite stop of the day was The Palace of the Grand Masters. 
It is the largest building in the city and was badly damaged by 
an explosion in 1856. It was originally built in the fourteenth
century. They are currently working to restore it by to it's original glory.
It was filled with artifacts and antiques from B.C. times all
the way up to WWII.
The Palace of the Grand Masters
The inner courtyard

The Mosaic tiles were brought in from the island of Cos 
and date back to the sixth & second centuries B.C. They were all so gorgeous 
and intricate and they all told a story. 

Medusa, from the 2nd century B.C. 

This was actually made for the Italian king in anticipation of
winning WWII. He was going to take over the palace if they won.
Luckily, they didnt win and the Greek people maintained
control of Rhodes. 
The Nine Muses

From the Palace, we walked to the clock tower. It has the best views
of the city and is the tallest building in the city.
With a ticket, you also received a free drink.
We didnt have to be talked into it. =)
Clock tower 

More ruins, view from clocktower
I loved the little alleyways!
They were very authentically European,
at least what I would picture in my mind.

Rhodes was the first port of call that had decent shopping,
something other than the typical "touristy" stuff.
They are well know for their linens and products made from olive oil.
We bought a little of both! 

After a late lunch we decided to wander out to the lookout point. 
We both love the ocean so seeing the harbor was a must.

There were boats anchored in the harbor selling seashells. 

My love helping me climb the rocks.
Such a sweet gentleman!

Rhodes was a huge hit with us and we'd love to venture out of the main city
and visit Lindos one day.
The problem with cruises is that you never have enough time
in each port.
But it's a great way to see places that you might
not otherwise get to see.

Next up,
our other favorite & the last stop:


It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

This looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to visit Greece and this sparks it even more! And that's so sweet that your husband was helping you climb, guys can be so great sometimes :-)

Kaylee said...

gosh this looks so amazing!

Natalia said...

I love mosaics! Looks like I need to visit Rhodes. What a beautiful city!!

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

I'm loving the trip recaps! I can't wait until we (hopefully) get stationed overseas so we can travel!

hurryupandwaitandwait said...

Can you hear that? It's my body filling with extreme jealousy!! Your pictures and you recaps are amazing and I'm so grateful you're sharing them!

Now the question is... Can I convince TC to take a cruise like this?!?

Angela Noelle said...

How beautiful!! The mosaics reminds me of Pompeii!

Maranda said...

So for this one. You are a poopoo face! ;-)