Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mediterranean Cruise 2010!

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Sooo, I'm sure you've all been breathlessly awaiting to hear about
the exotic locale of our latest trip, right? ;)
Well, the wait is over if you read the title.
We went on an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise!
We left out of Venice/Treviso, Italy and went to:
Bari, Italy;
Katakolon/Olympia, Greece;
Santorini, Greece;
Mykonos, Greece;
Rhodes, Greece;
Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Since I have a thousand photos, Ill break it down into ports, so it's not so overwhelming.
We didnt see much of Treviso or Venice before we left because it was raining. And flooding.
Same goes for Bari. We got off the ship for about two hours in Bari. By the time we got back on,
we were completely, soaking wet from head to toe. I wish I would have taken photos of our clothes. J was wringing the water from his socks! Needless to say, I didnt get very many photos from that day. The ones that I did aren't very good. When the streets began to flood, we caught the bus back to the ship.

Our next stop was Katakolon/Olympia, Greece. The weather was gorgeous & warm. This was my first time in Greece and it certainly wasnt a disappointment. It was beautiful! I had done some research before leaving and found a winery only 5 minutes from the port, so that's where we headed first. It was gorgeous, interesting, diverse & at only 5 euro per person, very inexpensive. We took an hour long tour that ended with 4 tastings. Surprisingly enough, our guide was a Scottish guy, so we had no trouble at all understanding!

It was a very antique/vintage winery which I LOVED!
There were dogs, cats & peacocks running around the whole place!
Inside the winery was modern, but filled with antiques.
The wines were good and we bought one bottle.
My favorite was actually the sweet red dessert wine,
which I do not usually like, but this was
really good! It was also really expensive,
so we settled for just a taste. =)

This is a pepper tree. Who knew?
It was gorgeous and when you rubbed the leaves,
it smelled exactly like black pepper!

One of the old buildings on the property
from the 1800s.

As we were walking through I saw this piece and
I have this very shadow box!
The exact same one!
So cool that Im halfway around the world and see
the same wall hanging that I have stored in
Antiques from the early 1800s.

Since it was the end of the tourist season, the cab drivers were very flexible and easy to bargain with. Ours waited for us while we were at the winery for an hour and then drove us the 40 minutes to get to Ancient Olympia and back for a very reasonable price.

Ancient Olympia is where the very first Olympics were held in 776 B.C. The ruins are just amazing. I couldnt believe what had survived for over 2000 years. Most of the main structures were destroyed by earthquakes over the years. Even so, there were still buildings, temples and columns standing. It was pretty amazing to be standing in the same spot where real gladiators trained and competed. The actual stadium is nothing more than a large, cleared, dirt field. There is an area to the side made of stone where the judges supposedly sat.

The "Stadium"

This column was rebuilt for the 2004 Olympic games in Athens.
When we got back in to port, we enjoyed some local specialties:
A block of Feta cheese with locally grown olive oil, bread,
taziki sauce & Mythos, Greek beer.

From here we left for Santorini, Greece, which was one of our favorite ports! ........


ALW said...

Ohhh so pretty! I'm looking forward to when we take our cruise to Greece!

Natalia said...

I can't wait to read more about the cruise and see more photos! And now I'm drooling over the food. I had a pepper tree in my backyard when I lived in Santa Barbara and I didn't need to buy black pepper for 3 years!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i lived in greece for a semester in college and we visited olympia... it was such a treat to look back on your photos! !

annoyed army wife said...

Gorgeous photos, and I LOVE that you saw your shadow box!!! I was so confused with your new look, thought I stumbled onto someone else's blog. I really like it. It's very...well...I think it would pair well with a zin.

Becca said...

Love your new layout! It's beautiful and so sparkly. Great photos from the trip...Looks wonderful. Sadly, I did know that was a pepper tree :) haha.

University of Iowa Meg said...

AMAZING! I am going on another cruise in a couple of weeks...but have never done a cruise thru Europe...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I would love to cruise Europe, so much history!

Katerina said...

Hello there! I am visiting from Amanda & Don's "Saturday Around The World". I am from Australia :)
What a gorgeous blog you've got! The pictures are beautiful!
Looks like you had a very lovely trip and so romantic.

Look forward to more of your posts!

Maranda said...

Seriously. I NEED to come live with you. You could pack me in your suitcase and take me to all these wonderful places. Please!