Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Review- 9th Judgement

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This book is the ninth in a series. 
It follows four best friends: a detective, a medical examiner, an attorney and a reporter. 
In one way or another, they all work together to solve crimes. 
When this series started, I LOVED it! 
It was thrilling and fast paced. The characters were heart warming and genuine.
Somewhere in the last few book though, the characters have gotten lost, 
and the story has become stagnant. 
This book was good, like all of them have been, but it wasnt great. Im worried that 
this series may have run its course. 
It is a very easy read. In fact, I finished it in just one evening. 
Have any of you read any of the books in this series? 
What do you think? 

Rating: ***

Rating Scale
*****: Amazing, wonderful, MUST-read, loved it!
****: Really liked it, would recommend, great book!
***: Liked it, enjoyable, but not the greatest book ever written.
**: Not so great, some good parts, but overall, it was just ok.
*: Didnt like it, wouldnt recommend it, bad book all around.

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