Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review- Peony in Love

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I read this book for my squadron spouse's book club. 
It is the first book by this author that Ive ever read and I had never heard of her before.
This book follows a young Chinese girl in the 1500s after the Ming dynasty comes to
an end. Her family is very wealthy and shelter her from the harsh realities of life.
Around her sixteenth birthday, her father arranges an opera to be performed at their
house for three nights. During these nights the girl meets her soulmate, but she is already
betrothed to another, as is he. 
In the following months, as her wedding nears, she begins to literally waste away from 
lovesickness. The remaining two-thirds of the book follow her on her journey
to the afterworld and becoming an ancestor. 

This is a very strange book. Interesting, but at times very disturbing and creepy. I cringed 
through some of the more creepy parts, such as when she repeatedly enters a womans body and 
makes her perform sexual pleasures on her husband against her will or during the 
incredibly painful process of foot binding. 
(I wasnt 100% sure what that was, so I googled it. Very painful and very interesting. I love 
learning something new!)

Had this book stayed above the creepy level and hmm... just been a little different, I 
think I would have really liked it. As it was, I wasnt a big fan. I probably wont read any of her
other books. I dont normally read books like this, but it was very interesting to learn 
more about the Chinese, their customs and beliefs.  

Rating: **

Rating Scale
*****: Amazing, wonderful, MUST-read, loved it!
****: Really liked it, would recommend, great book!
***: Liked it, enjoyable, but not the greatest book ever written. 
**: Not so great, some good parts, but overall, it was just ok. 
*: Didnt like it, wouldnt recommend it, bad book all around.


Misha said...

If you would be willing to give this author another try, I would highly recommend her book 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan' it's an exceptional book. It has it's kinda hmm moments but the rich historical edge and deep rooted respect the author holds for this time period is lovely. Not my usual book, but I was glad I read it.

From your review I won't be reading this book of hers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds very intriguing!

Maranda said...