Sunday, March 27, 2011

100 Facts About Me

So, Ive seen this on several other people's blogs and thought it might be fun to do for two reasons:

1. Im crazy interesting 
2. I know you all want to know more about me right? 

No? Sound too ridiculous? Well how about because:

 1. I  have a lot of new readers who may not know much about me and 2. My friend James is in town, so I wont have a ton of time to blog over the next couple of weeks.
Yeah, that sounds better.

So, if you want to link up, go check out Megan Writes. Now, prepare to be enthralled! Or maybe just mildy interested. Either way. *shrugs*

1. I love red wine. Really, really love it. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of what will be a nine-ish month drought. It's completely worth it, but oh, how I miss my wine!

2. My favorite hobby is reading. I absolutely love to read, thanks to my Mom, and I take my Kindle with me everywhere.

3. I am an Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Educator. Currently umemployed. We moved right after I graduated with my Master's and APN jobs are pretty rare over here. Im working on it though.

4. My siblings are 12, 14 & 16 years older than me. I also have a 15 year old nephew. We're all pretty close, though two of us live far from home.

5. If there's one physical place that I feel most at home (other than home) it's the beach. J and I definitely want to end up near a beach one day.

6. I am really starting to miss coffee. Especially the fancy and delicious coffee drinks that you can get here in Europe.

7. Im not a huge fan of reality television, but I have always loved game shows and competition shows. Old favs: The Price is Right, Name that Tune. New favs: Project Runway, Top Chef.

8. I love to bake, but dont do it as often as Id like to now because our kitchen is tiny. 

9. I love to go on long walks and hike, but I dont run. Running is very unnatural for me.

10. I could eat potatoes, fruit and sushi every day without getting tired of any of it.

11. I miss sushi.

12. My parents and I are super close and I cant wait to see them in April!

13. Our family is not musically inclined at all. I so wish I could sing or play an instrument, but I am pretty tone deaf.

14. I never though Id marry a military man. I couldnt be happier that I did. He's pretty amazing.

15. I dont chew gum. I cant stand the stuff.

16. I grew up drinking sweet tea and by that I mean sugar with a little tea mixed in. I stopped in high school when I started eating super healthy. Now that Im preggo, it's about all that I want to drink! Decaffeinated with a Splenda.

17. I love animals. Probably more than I love most people. I wish I could protect all the animals from the dangers of people. I cry when I read about fictional animal abuse or deaths in books. Crazy, but I just want to keep them all safe. (Except spiders. And mosquitos...Eww.)

18. I dont have any tattoos.

19. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.

20. I grew up in the country, but cant stand country music. Seriously, not a fan, except perhaps for some old Garth Brooks or Brooks and Dunn.

21. I am not a cold weather person. A one month long winter is plenty for me and I now live in the land of 6 month winters. Ugh.

22. While I like to shop, I rarely do it.

23. We're having our first baby this September and couldnt be any happier!

24. I live 3 doors down from a German bakery and have only been once. Kudos to willpower.

25. I think it's pretty hard to come up with 25 facts about myself, much less 100!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!


annoyed army wife said...

My family and I are not musically inclined whatsoever, hopefully OccDoc is able to pass on his singing talents. That is some serious will power to avoid the bakery. Nice work! Now go get a cream puff and blog all about it so we can all enjoy. :)

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I could NOT live that close to a bakery and not go at least three times a week. The only thing that keeps me from getting ice cream from the ice cream truck every day is the 3 flights of stairs I would have to walk down and climb back up.

I agree with the winter, AND we have the same favorite seasons. I say any weather where I can wear a tank top and jeans, or a sweatshirt and capris is PERFECT.

Nicky said...

Oh wow, such willpower being so close to a bakery & avoiding it! Although having said that, there is an ice cream shop just next to my apartment complex & I've only been there a couple of times in the 6 years I've lived here!

Casey said...

Mmmmm sushi. I love sushi too! Please don't tell me there is a major sushi drought in Germany! I'll die! We are moving to Wiesbaden...and from what I've heard, it's more submerged in the German culture due to less military living around there. I hope that's true. I want this learning German to really pay off! I hear the 1 hour drive to Ramstein in SO worth I assume the hubby and I will do it quite often. We can't wait!

Becca said...


It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

Haha, I read your comment to one of my best friends this weekend (from my post) and she's like, so did you write that? I also can't stand gum, I hate the thought of just chewing something and not progressing at all, yuck!

Megan said...

I hate cold weather, too, but I missed winter since we moved to the Southwest and it's been 60 or 70 degrees here every day.

Thanks for sharing your facts! Be sure to link up for Part 2, also! There's a Linky tool at the bottom of the posts (for Part 1 or 2).

Maranda said...

I've seen this around too and thought about doing it but I doubt I could come up with 100 things. That's a lot!

I don't know that I'd go to the German bakery much. They don't use a lot of sugar.

Oh...and I miss sushi and wine too. I think when we pop out our kiddos we should make a virtual date where we drink wine and eat sushi and sashimi...we could post about it on the same day! LOL!!