Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fancy Food

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Yes, this post is all about FOOD! 

One of our most favorite things to spend money on 
when we travel, 
is great food and drinks. 
We hardly ever buy souvenirs, except for postcards
 and the occasional piece of clothing. 
Most of what we bring home from trips consists 
of food or drink items. 

From this trip to Switzerland and Italy, 
we brought home:
Pesto sauce and seasoning, olive oil, 
trofie pasta (my new favorite kind), 
red wine, hot chocolate & balsamic vinegar. 

Ill take you on a photo tour of our foodie experience
during this fantastic trip. 
I wish I had a photo of all of the things we ate, but 
in my hurry to eat, I would often forget to take a picture first! 

Enjoying a rare treat: Starbucks! 
The restaurant where we had lunch in Lucerne
Fresh Asparagus ravioli with a garlic cream sauce and pine nuts.
Europe has an asparagus season and most restaurants serve
everything from asparagus soup to asparagus cake! 
J's lunch- "Hamburger" on a skewer and wild mushroom risotto
This was spotted on the autobahn- Fine Food Group:
American and Tex-Mex Food Services! 
Our favorite gelato shop in Rapallo
Mmm! It's no wonder I gained a couple of pounds on this trip!
They had the best flavor that Ive ever tasted and they were the
only shop on our trip that offered it! 
Having lunch on the beach in Monterossa Al Mare, Cinque Terre
My lunch= a pesto, tomato, mozzarella & olive oil panini.
It was SO good! 
My dinner at Trattoria da Mario in Rapallo
Shrimp, prawns, zucchini and pasta
The BEST mussels that I have EVER eaten!!!
I wish we could get fresh mussels here.
They were in a butter, olive oil and white wine sauce.
Fresh Focaccia bread to dip.
J doesnt even like mussels and he loved these! 
The restaurant with the fabulous mussels in Portofino, Italy
We had dinner at Romantico Restaurant in Rapallo.
It was a delicious 3 course meal that began with freshly made
spinach & ricotta ravioli with a "nut" sauce. Yum! 
The mussels for lunch were such a hit that J ordered
ravioli with fresh tomatoes and mussels as his first course. 
J's main course.
There's a pork skewer, beef steak, beef TONGUE and veal.
He loved it, but I wouldnt eat any of it. 
My main course.
Calamari and prawns.
Sponge cake with whipped cream
Panacotta with chocolate sauce
The fantastic wine restaurant we had dinner at in Lucerne on
the last night of our trip.
Black olive tapenade
It was so good! 
Saffron gnocchi 
 I went with a baked potato and salad.
The potato was seriously the best Id ever eaten. 

What do you buy when you're on vacation? 
Food & drinks, souvenirs or both? 


Anonymous said...

What amazing food! When we travel we like to eat at places we normally wouldn't. I've never traveled internationally, but here in he states we try regional foods and small local places- we try to keep away from restaurants we can eat at back home. Just like you- I take tons of pictures and we pick up postcards to stick in a scrapbook. The only other thing we get as far as "souvenir" type things are magnets :) They are easyto display and it's fun to get to pick them out together- plus, we get to see them everyday and share the stories with guests who ask about them.

Our dream is to get stationed in Italy next- it's always number one on our dream sheet and now I'm definitely hoping we do!

Thanks for sharing your food journey! I'm curious to know how the tongue was- tough, juicy, gross? Sounds like something my husband would try- but definitely not me! Glad you kept your distance!

Anonymous said...

Delicious pictures! We're foodies so we spend $$$ on food and drinks. Life is too short to eat bad food.


Monica said...

Since our daughter has been 10 months old since we moved to Italy (and is now 2) we tend to not be able to go to the nicer restaurants with the more authentic food. Most people don't want to listen to a kid in fancy restaurants while they eat. So we'll try to have one or two nice meals on a vacation, but we always buy a magnet from wherever we go (our fridge is getting full!), usually a t-shirt for me and also one for my daughter and then a book for my daughter and then we write in it where we were and the date. =) Glad you liked the food in Italy!

annoyed army wife said...

That a pesto, tomato, mozzarella & olive oil panini looks soo good. OccDoc and I are major foodies. We have gone on vacation destinations just to dine at a particular establishment. Most of the money we spend on vacations is spent on food and pampering (spa stuff). We go bargain basement on sight seeing and stuff like that to spend more on food.

NHGirl said...

Oh. My. God. That all looks so amazingly good!!

We don't usually buy souvenirs because we're convinced the Navy will break them, so we go the food route. When we were in Spain this past December, we had some truly fantastic food. Europe really knows how to eat! :)

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

color me jealous- I'd like to try all things pictured and visit all places they look amazing!

ALW said...

It all looks so delicious! We usually spend the most money on food & drinks when we travel. Sometimes I pick up a tshirt, sweatshirt, or painting. I'm not really into souvenirs. Souvenirs=clutter to me!

Maranda said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I'm so hungry now!!! I love all the pictures of the food but I want to see that belly girl!!!