Monday, June 13, 2011

Rapallo & Portofino, Italy

After we left Lucerne, we headed down to the Italian Riviera. 
We stayed in Rapallo, which is the largest city in the Italian Riviera. 
We had originally wanted to go to and stay in Cinque Terre. 
We have heard so much about the region and everyone raves about it. 
Since we had to plan this trip literally at the last minute though, all of 
the hotels in all five of the towns in Cinque Terre were booked. So 
we used Google Maps and made our way up the coast until we found
a beach town with a vacancy. 

That turned out to be Rapallo and one of the best places we've stayed. 
Rapallo is a hidden, little known gem. We had never heard of it before
(and Im betting you havent either). 
It sits right on the Med, has a castle in the sea, a promenade, unique 
shopping and fantastic restaurants. The people were all very nice
and there is a sandy beach to lounge on. 
Another plus is that is was very affordable, especially compared to 

We liked Rapallo so much that we will definitely go back one day
and we highly recommend it to anyone who is traveling in the region. 

The harbor in Rapallo
The castle in the sea.
It was built in the 1500s to protect against

We took a 30 minute boat ride from Rapallo to Portofino.
The boat stopped in Santa Margarita on the way. That town looked
gorgeous and we would definitely like to check it out one day.
The boat ride was fun, crowded and inexpensive.
On the boat, on our way to Portofino
Portofino is a very small coastal town in Italy.
It literally had one street and the promenade, a couple of churches, castle 
ruins and shops and restaurants. 
This was a very high class, almost snobbish town. The shops were all very 
high class and expensive. (Think Louis Vitton)
The restaurants were all expensive as well, but we did have the best lunch
here. They had the freshest, yummiest mussels that Ive ever eaten. 
We also had gelato here which was delicious of course.

When we got back to Switzerland the next day, we saw online that Leo 
Dicapprio and Blake Lively were in Portofino the same day we were! 
I so wish we would have seen them! 
We imagine that they were on one of the huge, expensive and gorgeous yachts
that were anchored there. 
Pulling into Portofino
The Portofino harbor
The water was a gorgeous color!
These are the crazy large and expensive yachts.
Hmm....which one was Leo on....
When we got back home, we googled the largest of these yachts to see
how much it would cost to rent one for a week.
Yes, we were dreaming.
Any guesses as to how much it cost?

250,000 EUROS/WEEK!!!!!
That's more than an entire house! 

We liked Portofino, but we probably wont ever go back. 
It was gorgeous, had great food and gelato, but then, so 
does most of Italy right? 


♥ Elizabeth said...

I am constantly amazed with your pictures of these places and hope more and more with each post that we luck out nd can get orders fo Siganella! Than you for sharing these amazing adventures!

Were Blake and Leo there together? Are they together/an itm? I'm so out of the loop with celeb news- but that would have been wicked awesome to have seen them! said...

Wonderful pictures. And yes, the cost of the yaht is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.


sunshine said...

Ooooh, how I miss Europe and those lovely Mediterranean little towns. All the picture made me a little jealous but also made me dream of going back... some day I hope!

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Angela Noelle said...

We ran into the same problem when we tried to go to Cinque Terre--I've heard that it's gotten overrun with tourists though, so it sounds like your experience in Rapallo was maybe what Cinque Terre used to be like. Beautiful photos, and as always, I'm so envious of your adventures ;)