Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Case You Missed It...

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Hello loves!

While Im traveling and getting over some jet lag, I thought Id share a guest post with you that I wrote a month or two ago for Maranda at My Camo Colored Life. Ill be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon. Enjoy!

Hi! Im K from Uncork & Unwined. Im a nurse practitioner by trade, a wino and foodie by choice and love. Since moving to Germany last June with my AF husband, we've had a blast traveling the world and navigating life overseas. These days I fill up my time with blogging, planning our next trip and preparing for our new addition, due in September.

When Maranda asked me to guest blog for her, of course I jumped at the chance. She is a doll, a fellow preggo and a fun gal, so why would I not? The problem was, I had no clue what to write about. This happens every time Im asked to guest post. I get writer's block immediately and freeze up when it comes to choosing a topic. Thankfully, a topic did come to me and it was such a simple concept really- getting back to the basics.

For my blog, the basics are all about wine and coffee. So that's what this post is all about- two of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I havent been able to partake in either for the last 18 weeks or so. Like Maranda, I am pregnant and counting down the days until I can have unlimited wine and caffeine again. Until then, I can watch enviously as my husband enjoys the pleasures of both. Oh, and talk to you guys about them.

We currently live in the land of beer and wine- Germany. Good wine is inexpensive, easily accessible and in some cases, locally grown. We've had the pleasure of experiencing many new wines since our arrival here last summer. We plan to continuously stock our supply, to hopefully build it up to 200 or so bottles by the time we leave here so we'll have a nice collection to take back with us.

One of the new wines that we have tried and love is called Dornfelder. It is a German red and usually dry, wine. It's smooth and delicious and since it's made right here, it's also very inexpensive. My favorite is:

A Spanish wine called Finca De La Vega is our current Spanish favorite. 
And for only 2.99 euro a bottle, we buy it frequently.

Another hit is a Spanish wine called Dona Dominga. 
It's a blend of Cabernet and Carmenere. So good.

As much as Germany is the land of beer and wine, coffee is a close second. It is customary to have a coffee drink after a meal. I prefer mine during the day, but they like to drink it around the clock. There are cafes everywhere and many drinks to chose from. These drinks arent your typical Starbucks variety. They are stronger, bolder and smooth. Flavors are not usually available, though some cafes do offer mocha, caramel and hazelnut.

We've tried coffees from all around the world while here in Europe. Dutch, Kenya, Sumatran, Ethiopian, German, French, and Italian are a few. Our favorites at the moment are:

We bought this at a German market in Mannheim. It's a
Guatemalan whole bean.
My brother introduced us to this and we are definitely fans.

I just cant wait until September when I can indulge in all of these again! =)


Monica said...

Unfortunately I don't really like wine OR coffee/espresso, which kind of limits my drink options in Italy. I only like wine if it's super sweet and tastes more like kool-aid. I'm weird. I know. =) I have heard from numerous people it's okay to have a small glass of wine occassionally while you're pregnant.

Maranda said...

Yum! I loved this post and I certainly don't mind revisiting it. :-)