Friday, June 10, 2011

One Year Review

We have been in Europe for one whole year as of this week! I cant believe the time has passed so quickly!

We were very fortunate to start off on the right track and find a great house on our first full day here. We love our house, our location and living in Germany.

We have made so many new friends and welcomed old friends to the new country.

We've been most fortunate to be able to travel to so many new places. During our first year here we traveled to:

Belgium- Bruges & Brussels
France- Paris & Strasbourg
Luxembourg- Luxembourg City
The Netherlands- Amsterdam & Zandvoort
The Czech Republic- Prague
Croatia- Dubrovnik
Italy- Rapallo, Portofino, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Bari, Venice, Treviso
Greece- Rhodes, Mykonos, Katakolon, Olympia, Santorini
Switzerland- Lucerne
Germany- too many to count!

Not to mention all of the places J has been for work- Spain, multiple stops in Africa, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.

We conceived our first child, J had a milestone birthday and we flew back to the States twice- once to my home state and once to his for his brother's wedding.

We bought a car, attended our first wine festival, pumpkin festival and Christmas market.

We survived our first German winter.

We hosted several visitors in our new land and enjoyed showing them around.

It has been a fantastic first year abroad and we are really looking forward to our next!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing first year overseas! Here's to a second year that's just as incredible :)

Amanda said...

What a great re-cap of your first year overseas! An amazing time of exploring forsure! I found you through the milspouse round-up! Your follow button isn't working for me to follow you though!


ALW said...

Yay for a fabulous first year! I hope the next is just as wonderful!

Julie said...

That is so awesome! You guys have seen a lot.

sunshine said...

Congrats on a fabulous first year, hope there will be more even better to come!

Becca said...

Thank you for sharing all of your delectable experiences with us this past year! A true foodie can live vicariously but rarely has to :)

chambanachik said...

Sounds amazing! What an awesome experience.

MooAtU2 said...

We'll have a year completed in Germany in August, and looking at your list I feel like we haven't done anything compared to you! Thanks for inspiring me to get trip planning!

Maranda said...

Wowee!!! What a year!!