Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucerne, Switzerland

For our "babymoon" we took a trip that began in Lucerne, Switzerland. 
We had been to Bern before and driven across the country, including
across the Alps, but we had not ever been to Lucerne.
Switzerland is hands-down one of the most beautiful
countries in the world. 
My photos are beautiful, but they just cant do it justice. 

Switzerland is so crisp and clean. 
The landscape is a brilliant green and the waters are a unique 
blue-green color. 
Waterfalls line the mountains, which line the roads. 
It's very picturesque, more so than any other country we've been to.

I highly recommend driving under the Alps through the impressive
network of tunnels as opposed to 
over them. 
We've done both and the tunnels are a lot less scary. 
Trust me. 

On this trip we drove through the world's 3rd longest tunnel. It was 
~10 miles long and definitely felt never-ending. 

The Alps; view from outside our hotel
On Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne
Notice the water color
Me, 23 weeks pregnant, posing in front of the
famous covered bridge. It's the most visited
attraction in Lucerne. 
The covered bridge, on Lake Lucerne, with the Alps in the background.

View from the top of the old castle wall that circles part of the city.
You could walk up in any of the towers.
On the hillside, behind the castle wall, there was a pasture with
wooly cows and llamas. This one was posed like this for several
Restaurants and hotels lining the lake.
The Alps
Driving through Switzerland
J kept calling this one the Matterhorn because of it's shape.
Swiss Alps
The second most visited landmark in Lucerne is the
tragic lion of the Lion Monument.
It was designed to commemorate the Swiss Guards who were
massacred in the French Revolution while protecting
Marie Antionette.
It is such a sad sculpture, built right into the rock.
Our view at dinner one night.
So pretty!

Lucerne was a great place to visit. 
Lots of shopping and fantastic places to eat.
Several little markets.
Most people spoke English, which made things easier
for us. 
It is definitely more expensive than other European 
countries though. 
If we're ever there again, we will take a 
boat ride out on 
the lake.

Have any of you ever been to Lucerne? 
If so, what did you think?


ALW said...

Beautiful! I really want to go to Lucerne, but after going to Zurich, Switzerland it frightens me a little because it was so expensive there!

Monica said...

LOVED Lucerne, much moreso than Zurich. It's such a picturesque place. When I booked our hotel in Zurich, I thought that the per night price was the total price so it made for a very expensive stay in Switzerland. Oh well. It is a beautiful country. We'd like to go back to Geneva sometime.

NHGirl said...

I almost didn't click on your blog when I saw the title, because I knew I'd be jealous. And I am! What a beautiful country!! I've never been, but I'll have to add Lucerne to my bucket list. Thanks for posting the gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

Stunning city! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful babymoon :)

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

looks beautiful...!

smiley_netta said...

...And I now have yet ANOTHER place to see before we leave Europe! LOL Thanks for sharing! It's beautiful!!!

Maranda said...

Stunning!!!! The pictures and that gorgeous girl holding her belly!