Friday, July 29, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #51

Another edition of Milspouse Friday Fill-in! 

1. Facebook or Twitter?
I like both for different reasons- I can keep up and in touch with my IRL friends on FB and see tons of photos. I love Twitter for my friends that I havent met IRL. Overall, they are so much more open-minded and less judgmental than those I know IRL. Ive made some great friends through blogs and Twitter. Twitter is also an awesome place to get news, feedback and ideas!

2. Hard tacos or soft tacos?
Definitely crunchy tacos! I love the crunch and taste of hard shell tacos way more than the mushiness of a soft shell. Plus, I love me some salt and crunchy taco shells have plenty of that! 

3. Gardening or crafting?
This girl has a BLACK thumb. I can barely keep any plant alive, so Im definitely going with crafting on this one. The only things Ive managed to keep alive are a random plant from Christmas and some fresh, organic basil that I picked up in a Germany grocery store. I love cooking with my own herbs and will definitely be getting some more soon! Not only do they taste better than the ones you can buy in a package at the store, but they last so much longer too, so Im saving money, which is always a great thing! I love crafting, I just have a hard time finding the supplies I need over here. Ive got some great ideas lately from Pinterest though and cant wait to try them out! 

4. Fruit or Veggies? 
I love them both, but I have to go with fruit. I love almost all fruit and could eat it with every meal. It's been my most consistent pregnancy craving too! 

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?
Definitely bicycle. Motorcycles are so dangerous. After working as a nurse in a surgical intensive care unit for three years and caring for more than my share of motorcycle accident victims, I am definitely not a fan of them. Ive seen too many people lose their limbs, basic body functions & lives from them. Bicycles can be dangerous too, yes, but I never saw one bicycle accident victim in my ICU. J & I have leisure bikes- mine is a beach cruiser!- that we love to ride, but I havent been able to this summer since Im preggo. I cant wait to ride them next year! 

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


**christina** said...

Regardless what people say I think motorcycles are too dangerous as well.

Elizabeth said...

Pinterest has given me hope in my crafty endeavors! There are so many awesome things I can't wait to try! I go with crafting since I am the same way with gardening!

navywifechronicles said...

Good point about FB/Twitter and friends IRL! I can't really complain about certain people on FB because they're on there (i.e. my in-laws, lol!). Following via MFF :)