Monday, July 18, 2011

Pinterest Interest

Like many of you, I love Pinterest.
I love it for the inspiration, the ideas. It just 
makes me happy. 

I have had some great success with craft projects and recipes 
that I've found on Pinterest and I wanted to share them with you. 

The first two are craft projects. 
I love being crafty, but finding supplies here is difficult so I stocked up 
on a few things while we were back in the States. 

The first is a monogram made of seashells.
It was super easy to make-
just hot glue shells and starfish onto a
wooden letter. 
While easy, it was a bit dangerous- 
I think I burnt my fingers ten times while making this! 
I've got it hanging in our entryway, using ribbon from one of 
the baby gifts we received and a straight pin. 

The second is another letter project, one I made for a friend.
J & I love red wine (duh) and we try and keep the corks from each 
bottle. I've used them to make a large wreath which hangs in our dining
room. We still have a ton, though our supply really hasnt increased much 
in the last eight months. ;) 

Ive seen several wine cork projects on Pinterest and 
plan on making most of them! 
Here's my first: 

It was really easy to make, just like the seashell letter. 
You just need a wooden letter, some corks, hot glue and a 
knife to cut them up with. 

The next project is a recipe I found for Oreo pops. 
We made these as favors for my baby shower and they 
were a hit! Such a cute idea! 

These were pretty easy to make, but time consuming and 
a bit messy. 

I loved how they turned out! 

Another recipe we found on Pinterest and used for the 
baby shower was for the punch. 
It is supposed to look like pink bath water. Pineapple ice cream
 and ginger ale makes the bubbles and the rubber duckies are so adorable! 

To see the original links and posts, check out my Pinterest boards.
If you dont have Pinterest yet and want to check it out, just let me know and 
Ill send you an invite! 


Casey said...

I LOVE Pinterest! It's so addicting! I'm heading back to the states for two different weddings in August and I plan on stocking up on my crafting supplies too! I hate trying to look for craft things here in Germany. Too hard. Your projects turned out great! I'm working on making tissue paper poms for a bachelorette party!

annoyed army wife said...

Cute stuff! That seashell letter turned out great. Lavender essential oil is great for burns (maybe put a bottle in your crafting basket for next time). I'm scared of Pinterest since I know I would get lost on there and never get anything done.

Maranda said...

Totally cute!! I love the sea shell monogram! And I'll take a couple of those oreo pops please!